Northwest Registered Agent serves as your registered agent in all 51 jurisdictions under its own name. You can personally speak to the owner on the phone or email him at any time. He also pays taxes in all 50 states. Why is that? Because his business, Northwest Registered Agent, is registered to do business in every state. There’s a lot of websites “selling” registered agent service that won’t actually be your registered agent listed with the state. When you purchase on, you’re actually hiring the company that will be your registered agent. Don’t you think it’s important that you know who you’re about to trust with something as important as your registered agent service?


  1. Provide a better product or service than your competition.
  2. Provide more basic and included services in your normal price than your competitors.
  3. Provide a price that’s more competitive than anyone else.

Every day we strive to meet these three goals. If we consistently provide you with an overall experience that you can’t go get somewhere else, we feel like all the other things just fall into place. We don’t worry about how many clients we have or where we rank with other agents. If we nail our three goals every day, you’ll be happy, and your referrals will be happy.


We are a diverse group of specialized talent working in a renovated warehouse from the late 1800s. Our corporate headquarters is located in downtown Spokane, Washington. You can see a picture of our office on the Contact Us page. You may hear Moose barking in the background while you’re talking to us from time to time. Our open-themed office space has tall ceilings (Hello huge Christmas tree!!) and no walls or cubicles. When we remodeled it, we had to remove walls, expose the beams, level the floor, and do quite a bit of work to get it to where it is today. The morning sun shines throughout the office. Our boss has slowly converted over half the office to stand-up desks. He is probably more proud of this fact than any business accomplishment. The stand-up deskers’ backs will thank him 10 years from now.

Spokane has all the benefits of 5 ski resorts within 1.5 hours, rivers, lakes, mountains, the woods, and a good airport.

If only we had more time to play…

Oddly enough Spokane is a good place to run a national company. (Not a great place to run a local-only small business though). The WA Department of Revenue tried passing laws to corner Seattle stock traders and corporation directors making huge director compensations into paying more taxes, but they ended up solidifying tax laws exempting income we make in other states from getting taxed at WA rates. WA has no personal income tax, so nationwide companies based in WA can pay each state income tax for revenue made in that state and then pay WA for WA and tax-free states’ income. It’s kind of the next best thing, tax-wise, to residing in completely tax-free states like NV or WY. We hope more national companies will soon figure this out and relocate to Washington State.


We enjoy the day-to-day challenge of battling bureaucracy for our clients. We hate bureaucracy and are continually amazed at how absurd government agencies make running a business. Each federal, state, county, city, and appropriate agency has its own set of rules and requirements that can get very confusing. We spend our time learning and researching to attempt to translate all this crap into English for our clients. It takes a lot of will and desire to take care of each other and our clients each and every day. Our team is constantly working to enhance our systems in order to bring more value and ease of use to our clients. Enhancing our systems is NEVER driven toward maximizing profits. Every day we are dreaming and working on new systems to make our process easier to understand and easier to use for our clients and our employees.

Registered agent service and corporate formalities is all we do. This isn’t a line item revenue stream. There are no massive groups of shareholders meeting once a year wondering how to increase profits. Our company is driven by an owner on the frontlines every day wanting to make the process as easy as possible for our clients and our employees. If we only do one thing, we think we had better be really good at it, or we don’t really have any excuses.

We thank you for the opportunity to help you start and maintain your company.