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An agent for service of process is a name of a person or business listed down on a document with a state agency accepting responsibility to accept legal notices or any type of items on behalf of that company. 

The requirement for an agent for service of process is most often found with insurance boards, regulatory agencies, and corporation divisions of state secretaries of state. 

Quite often you can list the agent for service of process as someone within your organization, but this role should be thought out.  Listing a random person down with a governing agency means that anyone or that agency can LEGALLY have proof of notifying you just by sending a letter to that person or business.

Many state agencies even allow you to list the state agency itself as the agent for service of process.  How comfortable do you feel giving a state agency that regulates you the authority to internally serve you by serving themselves?  We serve as agent for service of process by the state, not the agency.  We don’t charge extra for multiple agencies among a state.  Many of our clients have us listed as the agent for the state filings, the licensing requirements, and quite often the city and county registrations as well.  We don’t charge per agency, so you can save quite a bit of money with our agent services.  We charge $125 a year to act as your agent.  We only charge $100 per state if you have 10 or more states.  We also provide compliance tools to help you maintain your licenses and reporting requirements in each state and the agencies within that state.

As your agent for service of process, you get immediate delivery of anything we receive in your online account.  We are the only agent for service provider that locally scans all items we receive into your account with us.

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