How do I form a non profit in the state of Alabama?

First of all you will need to obtain a Certificate of Name Reservation for your non profit online. Next fill out the Certificate of Formation form and mail it in to the Office of the Judge of Probate in the county where your organization’s office is or will be.

Are there any fees for my AL non profit?

The fee for filing the Certificate of Formation is $100. If you want the form expedited, the fee is an additional $100. There is also an additional fee for the Probate Judge in the county where you are filing, which is a minimum of $50. The fee for the Certificate of Name Reservation is $25.

What about 501c3 status?

If your AL non profit has 501c3 status, you may be eligible for tax exemption in Alabama.

How should I pay my fees?

It depends on the county you file in. Some Probate Judge offices do not accept credit cards or expediting fees, so make sure that you check with them before sending in your forms.

How do I register my out-of-state nonprofit in Alabama?

You can register foreign nonprofit corporations in Alabama. Just file the registration paperwork with the Secretary of State.

Are there any restrictions on the name of my Alabama non profit?

There are no required endings for a non profit corporation in Alabama. However, there are restrictions, such as: The names of nonprofits in Alabama cannot contain words or phrases that indicate they are organized for any purpose other than that written on the Certificate of Formation. the name cannot be the same or deceptively similar to the name of other business entities operating within Alabama.

How long does the state of Alabama take to process my forms?

If you do not choose to pay the additional expedite fee, then you are looking at upwards of a six-month wait for your forms to be processed. If you do opt to expedite and pay the extra $100, then you can expect your forms to be processed in five to ten business days.

How many directors and members should my non profit have?

When you start a nonprofit in Alabama you are not required to have any specific number of members or any members at all. However, a non profit in the state of Alabama needs to have at least three directors.

Who is my non profit incorporator?

In the state of Alabama, one or more people, partnerships, or corporations can act as the incorporator. The incorporator of the non profit corporation will be the one who signs and delivers the Certificate of Formation.

Do I need to register my Alabama non profit as a charity?

According to Alabama law, any organization or institution that collects contributions within or from the state must register as a charity in Alabama. There is a $25 registration fee and for each annual renewal. You must renew each year within 90 days of the close of your non profit’s fiscal year.

Will I need to fill out an annual report for my non profit?

If the non profit is a charity, then all you have to do is renew your registration with the Alabama attorney general. Otherwise you won’t have to file an annual report.

Do I need a registered agent in the state of Alabama?

Yes. Alabama non profits must have a registered agent in Alabama. We can provide that service for you! Starting at $125 per year, Northwest Registered Agent will provide personal, gimmick-free service with no hidden fees.

Alabama Secretary of State Contact Information:

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