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Free sample articles of incorporation for nonprofit in California

Free Articles of IncorporationOddly enough, almost no states provide usable templates to create articles of incorporation for a non profit organization.  California is specifically hard because California is very picky about accepting filings.  The real problem is that California takes 2 months to accept or reject your filing, so you should be 100% confident that your articles of incorporation for a California non profit will be acceptable.

Our articles include the basic required info like:

  • The statute governing your CA nonprofit
  • The type of nonprofit corporation you are forming
  • The agent for service of process

But the great thing about our free California non profit articles of incorporation is the extras that are included like:

  • Indemnification clauses
  • IRS tax exempt language
  • Purpose language and essence language
  • Prohibited activities
  • Dissolution language

There are three types of common nonprofit structures.  We have different templates for each one:

Please enjoy the free articles of incorporation. 
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