We’re hiring Ruby on Rails Programmers Spokane WA

This is a permanent posting. We always have Ruby Programming Jobs available. We as a company are only as good as you, our talent. We find that Ruby programmers, Ruby Developers, and Ruby Engineers, are oddly passionate people about code, so we’re always looking for more great people to work here, locally, in Spokane Washington.

Wanted: Ruby Programmer with twelve months of experience. Must be able to demonstrate basic proficiency with Ruby, Git, DataMapper and Unit testing.
MongoDB, Mongoid and Sinatra a plus. Solid JavaScript a major plus.

Our back end system is coded in Ruby. When working on something like this in a small work environment, we kind of feel like you’re a Ruby Programmer, a Ruby Developer, and a Ruby Engineer. Sorry for the confusion, but there are times when we need a little bit of everything. Our main goal is adding another good Ruby Programmer, but if you feel like playing more the developer or engineer role, that would be great, but not necessary. We do better work by collaborating with each other and coming up with great ideas together. Basically we need horsepower, but if you want to think a little beyond just finishing a scope, the opportunity is there.

A little about us: We do nationwide registered agent and business filing services. We’re headquartered right here in Spokane Washington. We help businesses maintain their corporate compliance needs. We service many of the top law firms in the country fulfilling their corporate filing needs. Our backend system is developed in Ruby. It’s really cool and amazing… and we’d like it to be cooler and more amazing than it’s ever been.

Our office is downtown Spokane Washington in the Freeman Center. Company benefits include:
-Office dog
-Great coffee
-Fresh fruit
-Filtered water
-Free window watching
-Comfortable environment
-Stable company
-100 hours paid vacation to start
-$150 a month health insurance re-imbursement

This guy: will give you free hugs if you ask.

Please take a look around our about us page and social media pages to see if you think you might be a fit. Some might call us slightly quirky in a very legal stuffy line of work. . . we like to call it passion.

Our company slogan is that “We’re just not annoying” and we try very hard to not be. If you’re looking for a long term job in a very unique industry, this might be a great fit for you. You can check us out more at our blog, staff, Facebook, etc. . . to see if you may be a fit. If you’re looking to further your Ruby skills, we’re always looking to push the boundaries. The nice thing about working for a company like ours is that your job is not reliant on us getting a client needing Ruby work. WE need the work, thus the work will never go up or down. Plus the client, is here on-site (Us). There’s no waiting for work approval or the hassle of working for a web company that is always waiting on a client.

If you’re finding this, and you don’t live here, AND you’re great, we’ll pay to re-locate you to Spokane Washington.

The only way to apply is

Apply Now with Northwest Registered Agent LLC

Thank you for looking and good luck!

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