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How to form a California Corporation

Why on earth doesn’t the California Secretary of State just provide you a simple fill in the blank California Articles of Incorporation Template?  Well, please feel free to use our free word doc to hopefully make your life slightly simpler while forming your new California Corporation.

You can obviously customize this California Corporation articles template more if you would like, but in its simplest and easiest form, this template will get accepted with the State of California Secretary of State.  California does some silly things like making ALL directors sign the articles of incorporation if you list them.  So we advise using a simplified California Articles of Incorporation template like this one:

All you have to do is type in your Corporation name, Incorporator info, and sign.

You will notice we are listed as the agent for service of process.  You do not have to use our California registered agent services to use this free word doc.  If you do not want to use us as your registered agent, you MUST change the agent for service of process info to whatever else you want listed as your California agent.  

Many people forming California Corporations utilize our registered agent service even if forming their company on their own to have the added security of a professional registered agent providing maintenance tools and support for their business.  We only charge $125 for this service.

If you would like help incorporating your corporation in California, we only charge $100 for this service and you can sign up here: Incorporation Service

If you would only like registered agent service and file these free California Articles of Incorporation yourself, you can sign up for that here: Registered Agent Service

We pay taxes
We pay taxes in California and operate in California. Meaning we already go through what you're about to. When you hire us to help you incorporate in California, the money we make, goes back into the California economy.

Thank you for the opportunity to help you incorporate in California.
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