California Secretary of State Statement of Information Instructions

by Drake Forester

What is the cost to file the California Statement of Information?

California Profit Corporations (Stock, Professional and Flexible Purpose): $25 for the initial statement and $25 for the annual statement of information filing.

California Nonprofit Corporations (Domestic): $20.

California Foreign Corporations (Profit and Nonprofit): $25

California Domestic and Foreign LLCs: $20 for the initial and the same for the biennial statement.

CA Charities: Between $0 and $300 depending on the amount of revenue that was raised during the year.

How to file your Statement of Information with the California Secretary State:

California Corporations: You can file online or mail it in. It is strongly recommended that corporations take advantage of the online filing option since California is slow at processing documents and their delinquent penalty is hefty. Domestic profit corporations file Form SI-200. Domestic California nonprofits use Form SI-100 and all foreign corporations (stock, professional, flexible purpose and nonprofits) in California file Form SI-350.

  • File online. Follow the link at the bottom of this page, search by your corporate name, and enter your business and credit card information; click submit. Take advantage of this option, because California takes FOREVER to process mailed statements and their late fee is hefty.
  • Mail in the paper form. Go to the Annual/Biennial Statement page at the Secretary of State link below and download the proper fillable form. Complete it and deliver it with the fee.

Avoid CA Franchise Tax

California LLCs: Limited Liability Companies can mail their Biennial Statement of Information to the California Secretary of State or file them online. There is just one form for both domestic and foreign LLCs, whether filing the initial statement or the biennial statement. (Form LLC-12)

We suggest filing online, which is faster and more efficient.

Be sure to read the attached instructions carefully. If your information hasn’t changed since your last statement of information filing, you can now check the box in number 3 of the corporate statements, and number 4 of the California LLC biennial statement. Just sign and date and you are done. The California Secretary of State requires the following information updated for all corporations and LLCs in the state.

California Charities: Renew each year by completing the annual registration and renewal form and mailing it in to the attorney general. (Form RRF-1) The California charities link is found below.

CA General Partnerships, Limited Partnerships and Limited Liability Partnerships: Neither domestic nor foreign partnerships have any reporting requirements in California.

Are there Initial Report requirements in California?

Yes. After you start a business in California, all corporations and LLCs operating in California must file the Initial Statement of Information within 90 days of registering with the Secretary of State.

When is the California Statement of Information due?

California Profit Corporations: CA Corporations (domestic, foreign, profit, professional and flexible purpose) file a Statement of Information by the last day of the anniversary month. You can file up to five months in advance.

California Nonprofits (domestic): File by the last day of the anniversary month biennially.

California Nonprofits (foreign): File by the last day of the anniversary month each year.

California LLCs: All LLCs file their Statement of Information every two years by the end of the anniversary month. They can file up to five months in advance.

California Charity Renewals: Renew within four months and fifteen days after the fiscal year end.

California GPs: No CA report.

California LPs: No CA report.

California LLPs: No CA report.

Late fees?

$250! ‘Northwest’ reminds their California businesses of due dates to avoid this.

Who can file?

Anyone with authority may file.

Are original signatures needed?



Secretary of State
Statement of Information Unit
P.O. Box 944230
Sacramento, CA 94244-2300
T: (916) 657-5448

California Attorney General
Registry of Charitable Trusts
P.O. Box 903447
Sacramento, CA 94203-4470
T: (916) 445-2021

Online filing: