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Often the term commercial registered agent is used as someone that is solely in the business of acting as your registered agent.  There are a few states that have separated out the commercial registered agent and the noncommercial registered agent.  We are typically a commercial registered agent in the states that have adopted such legislature.  This literally makes no difference with what type of service you will have.  It’s just one more thing certain states have made to make our life easier to act as registered agent for a lot of companies.

Some of the states that have commercial registered agent appointments are: Nevada, Wyoming, Montana, Idaho, North Dakota, South Dakota, Pennsylvania, Delaware, and Maine.

If you’ve hired us to be your commercial registered agent for one of these states, you’ll find the forms correctly filled out in your online account. 

As your registered agent, we provide immediate forms and filing instructions for all states, immediate delivery of your documents we receive for you in your online portal, annual report reminders, and ongoing business maintenance tools.

You can easily add however many states you need originally or down the road in your online portal.

Thank you for taking a look at our commercial registered agent service.

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