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Corporation Registered Agent

Corporations are formed or incorporated by filing articles of incorporation.  A few states use the language of a certificate of incorporation. 

When forming a corporation, you don’t actually list a lot of info on the articles.  Typically you need:

-The name of the corporation
-The corporation registered agent
-The corporation registered office address
-The incorporator

And then sometimes, states require additional info like the officers and directors names, the amount of shares issued, and the par value of them.

Often the registered agent is the only true link the state has to get a hold of you. Choosing a corporation registered agent should be a serious decision you make.  We encourage you to browse our website in detail.  You could spend hours here. We think that if you take the time to look around our vast set of resources that you’ll realize the difference in choosing us as your corporation registered agent.

What is the role of the corporation registered agent
The main role is to be open during normal business hours to accept any type of legal notice by hand delivery or certified mail. 

What do you charge as a registered agent for a corporation?
We charge $125 a year to be your corp agent.  There are no additional fees or hidden fees.  It’s a flat rate.

I don’t want my home address on the articles of incorporation:
One of the unique things about our corporation registered agent service is our ability to offer you a more complete usage of our registered office addresses.

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