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How Much Does It Cost to Form an LLC or Incorporate a Corporation?

Our fees are $100.00 to prepare and form your company, $125.00 for our registered agent service. Our registered agent service is what helps you stay in compliance with the state. You have to have a registered agent, which can be yourself, but we don't incorporate anyone without being the registered agent. You can switch registered agents at any time, and it's an easy filing with the state. A registered agent has to be available from 8am-5pm every day to have someone walk into the registered office address listed and be able to accept a hand delivery. If a process server tries to deliver something to the person at the address listed, and can't find someone there, they can file a complaint with the state, and your business could be revoked.

Having us as your registered agent will allow you to have an online account with us, to see and access any documents we receive for you and see when your annual reports are due.

You'll get timely reminders to file annual reports, and if you start to work in multiple states, you can manage each state's annual reports right in your online account.

The registered agent has to be available 8 hours a day, during normal business hours, for someone to walk into the address listed and hand a document to the person or business named as the agent. We staff our office, and if we get a service of process, notification, or law suit, we will scan it into your account immediately, and you'll instantly get an email asking you to log in and download. We can set it up to email up to 5 people at once, and your attorney, but only if it's a law suit. So you and your attorney will be able to see a 200 page lawsuit digitally immediately.

Having us as your registered agent also means you don't have to worry about maintaining a good physical address with the state. If a state agency can't get a hold of you, they will send us your notification. Sending a letter to your registered agent is proof that your company has been notified, regardless of if you ever get the letter, so it's important to have a responsible registered agent. Our registered agent service is $125.00 a year. No hidden fees, no extra fees, no forwarding fees, no cancellation fees. It's a flat rate. At the end of the first year of service, you will get an email asking you if you want to cancel or renew service. We don't store your credit card, and you'll get a regular invoice from us, asking you to either pay by check or credit card.

When we incorporate people, it's not just a one-time, hit a home run service for us. We plan on having you as a long term registered agent client. This means we care about you staying in compliance with the state for the long haul. With us, you're not just entering a bunch of personal information, and never going to hear from us after a couple weeks. We'll be helping you keep your company legit with the state, year after year.

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