How to start a do it yourself nonprofit

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1. Quit searching on 5 different state websites!

We have all the forms you could file to form your do it yourself nonprofit with the secretary of state or corporations division, register with the IRS for tax exemption, state tax exemption, and charity registrations.

You’ll have all the filing instructions in your online account immediately.

2.You need a registered agent anyway

We only charge $125 a year to act as your registered agent and you get one spot to help you form, register, and manage your new nonprofit.

3.Reminders to make your filings for all agencies

This is huge.  We not only send you reminders to file your Secretary of State reports, we remind you to file your tax exemption reports, state tax exemption reports, and charity reports.

4.No lost info during director changes

When you change directors, just simply give the new directors the login to your nonprofit registered agent account.  It couldn’t be simpler.

5.Legal notices

Legal notices will go to your registered agent.  If you list a random director at their home address, it will be very burdensome for that person to deal with.  We have a very extensive system to make sure everyone knows about documents we get for you as your registered agent.  We can notify all or some of your directors when we receive items for you.  This is fully customizable.

6.In summary to start your nonprofit yourself you:

1. Hold a meeting where you decide the directors, name and purpose of the nonprofit, if it will have members, and choose a director to be the point of contact to set up the nonprofit.

2. File the nonprofit articles of incorporation with the Secretary of State:

3. Approve the bylaws after you have approved, filed nonprofit articles of incorporation

4. File for tax exempt status with the IRS if you want this.

5. File for state level tax exempt status.

6. If you’re going to fundraise, register with the agency that governs fundraising and charity registrations.

You got some work ahead of you.  Our goal is to provide tools that help you keep your sanity and keep your nonprofit in compliance.  Our tools are free with our registered agent service.

You can sign up for registered agent service here and use our guidelines and resources to get your nonprofit started right away:

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