If you need to do some work in a different state, you’ll find a free step by step guide to registering your corporation as a foreign corporation in any state here on these pages. We have information like how much it costs, how long it takes, what’s the quickest and easiest way to make it happen, what your annual reports will be, what your taxes will be, and much more. You can do the filing yourself with our tips by clicking on the state you need, you can do the filing and hire us to be the registered agent, or we can do the filing for you for $100 plus the state filing fees.

You’ll most likely need to get a certificate of good standing or a certified copy of your articles of incorporation from your home state of incorporation to use with the foreign corporation form for the state you’re looking to register in. Some states do not require this though, so please take a look at the state you want to go into to see. All the info you need is on the links to the left.

Once you make that filing, you’ll get a certificate of authority for your corporation to transact business in the state.

More than likely, you’ll need to register with the department of revenue, and possibly licensing to actually start working in the state. We can help you with this as well.

Our business is registered in all 50 states and the District of Columbia to act as your registered agent, and help you make the filings if needed. We do this all day, and can get your company registered as quick as possible. We also don’t mark up any state fees when you use our service to register your foreign corporation.

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