Michigan Annual Statement Filing Instructions

What is the cost to file the Michigan Annual Report?

MI Corps and PCs-domestic and foreign: $25
MI Nonprofits-domestic and foreign: $20
MI LLCs and PLLCs-domestic and foreign: $25
MI LPs and LLPs-domestic and foreign: No report requirements in Michigan.
MI Charities: $0

How to file your Michigan Corporation Division Annual Report:

Michigan Corporations and Limited Liability Companies: There are a few options for filing your Michigan Annual Report.

  • Profit corporations, domestic nonprofits and LLCs need to go to the Michigan Department of Licensing and Regulatory Affairs website, or click on the FILEOnline link at the bottom of this page. Find your filing ID number by searching your corporate name. Just complete and submit the online form. You can update any information that needs changed.
  • Foreign non profits cannot file online but they can file the report by mail, in person, as an email attachment or by fax.
  • Your registered agent should furnish you with a pre-printed annual report form three months before the due date. You can make any necessary changes, sign it and deliver it by fax, mail, or in person with the filing fee.
  • You can also scan the completed form and attach it to an email to the Corporation Division. Print out the completed form from FILEOnline, or use the form received from your registered agent. You must first have a MICH-ELF filer account for the fax or email filing option. Go to the MI Corporation site to set up your account by fax filing the application, which will be in your online account if ‘Northwest’ is your Michigan registered agent. Remember to use the cover sheet with faxes and emails.

Michigan Limited Partnership and LLPs: No annual report requirements in Michigan.

Michigan Charity Renewal: Charities file an annual Solicitation Renewal form with the Michigan Attorney General. It can be filed by mail or filed electronically. We furnish a link below to the AG website.

When are Michigan Annual Reports Due?

MI Corporations and PCs-domestic and foreign: May 15th of each year beginning the year after formation or registration.
MI Non profits-domestic and foreign: October 1st starting the year after incorporating or registering.
MI LLCs and PLLCs-domestic and foreign: February 15th. If you formed or qualified your LLC in Michigan after September 30th, your annual report will not be due on the next February 15th, but the following year on February 15th.
Charities: The annual renewal is due seven months after the close of its fiscal year; generally July 1st.

Does Michigan have initial report requirements?

No initial report is due upon starting a business in Michigan. Just report the year after filing, unless you are an LLC and you filed after September 30th. Then you can skip a year.

What are the penalty fees for a delinquent Annual Report?

Corporations in Michigan are penalized $10 for the first month, going up $10 a month until the fifth month when it is the maximum $50.

How do I get notified?

A pre-printed annual report form will be mailed to your registered agent three months before your due date. You can trust that you will receive them and all documents immediately with Northwest Registered Agent LLC as your Michigan registered agent.

Who can file Michigan Annual reports?

Anyone with authority.

Are original signatures needed?



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