Montana Annual Report Filing Directions

What is the cost to file the Montana Annual Report?

MT Corporations, Nonprofits and PCs-domestic and foreign: $20
MT LLCs and PLLCs-domestic and foreign: $20
MT LPs, LLLPs-domestic and foreign: Five-year renewal-$20
MT LLPs-domestic and foreign: Five-year renewal-$20
MT Charities: No registration requirements.

How to file your Montana Annual Report with the Secretary of State:

Montana offers a simple online method for businesses to file their annual report. Go to Montana Secretary of State Website, click on ‘File Annual Report’ and enter your folder ID from you annual report reminder notice. You can also look up the folder ID number by doing a business search on the MT Secretary of States website. See the link below.

You can also go to the ‘Business Forms’ on the same site and select a paper annual report that is pre-populated with your information that’s on record in Montana. Print it out and mail it in with a check or money order for the filing fee.

Montana partnerships don’t file annual reports, but they must renew their registration every five years. The renewal form is found at the ‘Business Forms’ page. It must be mailed in with the filing fee.

Montana Charities may operate in Montana with no registration requirements.

When are Montana Annual Reports Due?

Montana nonprofits,  and PCs-domestic and foreign: April 15th.
Montana LLCs, and PLLCs-domestic and foreign: April 15th.
MT LPs, LLPs and LLLPs-domestic and foreign: Anniversary of registration every five (5) years.

Does Montana have initial report requirements?

No. You don’t have to file an initial report after starting a business in Montana.

What are the penalty fees for a delinquent Annual Report?

If you file your annual report after the April 15th due date, the late fee is $15.

If you do not file the annual report by September 1, the Secretary of State will send you a notice that they are going to revoke or dissolve your entity. If a foreign entity has not filed by November 1st it is revoked. If a domestic entity has not filed by December 1st it is dissolved.

How do I get notified?

The Montana Secretary of State sends a notice to your Montana registered agent in February. You can trust ‘Northwest’ to notify you immediately.

Who can file Montana Annual reports?

Anyone with authority. You furnish an email address while filing the report, and the Secretary of State sends you a confirmation once the report is processed and approved.

Are original signatures needed?



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