New Mexico LLC formation

Please use our free format below if you are doing your New Mexico LLC formation yourself. We customize a few things in more detail when people pay us our $100 LLC formation service fee, but these New Mexico LLC articles will work fine most of the time.

The requirements for forming a New Mexico LLC are under section 53-19-7 to 53-19-10 of the New Mexico LLC code.

Download: New Mexico LLC Articles of Organization Template

You are required to include:

  • The name of the New Mexico LLC
  • The period of duration of the New Mexico LLC
  • The name of the New Mexico registered agent
  • The address of the New Mexico registered office
  • The address of the principal office
  • Management structure of the New Mexico LLC
  • Date of effectiveness for the articles
  • Organizer name and signature
  • Registered agent consent and signature

New Mexico requires original signatures on all New Mexico LLC articles of organization. You need to submit a copy of the original, and that is what you will get back showing evidence of the filed articles.

You’ll need a registered agent service only and you do the filing. If you do the filing yourself, we send the signed registered agent consent form to you the same day you place the order.

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