Will the New Mexico LLC remain anonymous long term?

The New Mexico LLC will remain anonymous as long as New Mexico does not change its laws. Currently, it can lose its anonymous status if you have to make an amendment with the LLC, change the principal address, change the registered agent, or any other items.

For this purpose alone, you should really trust a registered agent that is a business for your New Mexico LLC. People offering New Mexico LLCs and listing an individual name as your registered agent should be a major red flag for you. How many times have you changed what you want to do for a living? Also, hiring a website that forms New Mexico LLCs but doesn’t list itself as the New Mexico registered agent should also be a red flag. Who knows what kind of registered agent you may be getting? The registered agent is the anchor that holds the anonymity for your New Mexico LLC. You should really feel comfortable with this company. And you should pay for the service right? If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is.

Why do changes remove your invisible New Mexico LLC status? The changes have to be signed by a member or manager. That puts your name on the public document records. If there are no changes, the only name on record will be ours as organizer of your New Mexico LLC.

If you hire us for your invisible New Mexico private LLC, you won’t have to worry about needing to update your information with the State of New Mexico, or having your registered agent send you a lot of random bills or a lack of service causing you to need to change registered agents.


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