Registered Agent Service in Puerto Rico:

When you register your business in Puerto Rico, you need to appoint a registered agent.

Puerto Rico registered agents provide the general public and Puerto Rican government a reliable way to send important mail or legal notices to your business in PR.

When you hire Northwest, you’ll not only receive the best registered agent service in Puerto Rico, but you’ll also be given an online account to manage all of your business’ state registrations, as we provide service in all 50 states and Puerto Rico.

What you need to know about doing business in Puerto Rico:

You shouldn’t have much trouble forming a Puerto Rico corporation or LLC in Puerto Rico. The Puerto Rico Corporation Act is actually based on Delaware’s corporate law with the intent to make forming a business entity here a simple process. The formation process is similar to any registration in the US.

Puerto Rico legal documents sometimes refer to registered agents as resident agents. There is no difference between the two, aside from the name.

Limited liability companies (LLCs) have a huge maintenance advantage over corporations. Annual reports are much easier to file. Each year corporations and LLCs must file an annual report with the Puerto Rico Department of State. Corporations’ reports, however, must include a financial statement prepared by an independent, certified public accountant in Puerto Rico. In contrast, LLCs simply file a statement of information and pay a $150 filing fee.

If you do have a foreign corporation in Puerto Rico, you will need to have an independent, CPA in Puerto Rico prepare you annual financial statement. The question many people concerns to whether that financial statement must include their entire company’s financials or just those pertaining to business done in Puerto Rico? The report will only concern the business done through the Puerto Rico portion of the corporation.

Why your life will be better if you hire us:

Unless you are a resident of Puerto Rico, you’ll need to arrange for a third-party to be your registered agent if you want to do business here. We’ve taken great efforts to take this technical requirement and turn it into that service that will help you run your business in Puerto Rico.

Anywhere you register your business within the states or US territories, Northwest can be your registered agent. That means you can oversee your business from just one account no matter where its registered. If you switch service to Northwest, we’ll file all the required paperwork in every state where you’re registered to help you consolidate and have one account for all your business registrations.

  • Odds are you’ll struggle with your business filing on your own. It’s not personal, but we do these filing every day. When you hire us, we’ll provide filing instructions, tips, order sheets, and the forms you need to register your corporation or LLC in Puerto Rico. You can complete the business filings online.
  • Just call us! We’ll walk you through the filing process. We’re here to help. The people who answer the phone do this for a living. We’re not reading from a script and you’ll never get a salesperson.
  • This is only the beginning. Each year, you’ll have ongoing reports like the Puerto Rico annual report (due each year by April 15). LLCs in Puerto Rico only need to file a statement with minimal information, but corporations will need to hire an independent accountant to complete their report (it’s intense). Both entities can file these reports online, but beware! Puerto Rico doesn’t send out annual report reminders.
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What is a Puerto Rico registered agent?

A Puerto Rico resident or company registered in the commonwealth that has a registered office address in Puerto Rico and is willing to accept legal documents on behalf of a company that has listed it as their registered agent.

Under Puerto Rico state code, Puerto Rico registered agent services must have a physical address—a P.O. Box will not work.

What do Puerto Rico registered agents do?

Accept documents on your behalf of your business and get them to you.

A commercial Puerto Rico registered agents should provide tools that help you maintain your company.

What are the requirements for Puerto Rico registered agents?

The requirements for resident agents in Puerto Rico are as follows:

  • According to Puerto Rico’s General Corporations Act (Section 3.01), registered agents in Puerto Rico have to be residents or judicial persons (companies) that provide registered agent services.
  • Have a registered office address that is a physical address located within the State of Puerto Rico.
  • Accept legal documents during regular working hours.

How do I find an Puerto Rico registered agent?

  • You can do a Puerto Rico business name search.
  • Type in the company name you are trying to look up.
  • Look at the registered agent name and registered office street address.

If you want to legally notify someone through their Puerto Rico registered agent service, just send a certified letter directly to the registered agent name and registered office address.

How will I get my documents from you?

We locally scan everything to you in real time from our Puerto Rico office. For more info on our document delivery system, we’ve created a registered agent infographic.

Can I use your Puerto Rico registered office address for everything on my filing?

Absolutely! We’re the only national registered agent that allows our clients to list our addresses for everything when you’re doing a filing to keep your private addresses off of public record.

 Do I hire a Puerto Rico registered agent service before or after I make the filing?

You should hire us first and then do your business registration filing because you can’t form an LLC or corporation without a Puerto Rico registered agent service. You find all the forms and instructions you need to complete your filing instantly after you place an order.

How does Northwest’s registered agent service work in Puerto Rico?

  1. You sign up online at the top right corner of this page.
  2. We’ll become your Puerto Rico registered agent service after you make your business registration filing with the Puerto Rico Department of State.
  3. We collect the first year of the registered agent service fee up front.
  4. About a year later, we’ll send you an invoice for another year of Puerto Rico registered agent service. If you want to keep using us, great; if you don’t, you can easily cancel.
  5. We make it easy to add registered agent services in other states.
  6. We attempt to make your account a real go-to resource for you, not just for Puerto Rico registered agent service or paying a bill, but for actually keeping up with Puerto Rico corporate paperwork formalities.

How do I get started?

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