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A Register agent is someone who either registers your company or keeps your company registered with the State Secretary of State or Corporation Commission. You could also call a register agent a registered agent.

A register agent has an important role, acting as the go between company between you and the Secretary of State.  Almost every business entity requires a registered agent to be listed on their corporate paperwork. This register agent is supposed to be available to receive service of process documents during typical business hours. If the state ever needs to serve legal papers to your company, your register agent can accept them on your behalf and forward them to your business.

Since we are in the business of performing the duties of a register agent, we take our service one step further. Rather than forward your documents on to you by mail, we scan them and upload them to your online account. That way, you have instant access to your information. As an added benefit, we don't have to charge you extra mail forwarding fees. Plus, you're one step closer to running a paperless office. We like the idea of being a "green" company.

Considering the importance of what we do, we think you'll be happy with our pricing structure. We charge $125 a year to be your registered agent and $100 to form your company.

Registered Agent
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