Indiana Secretary of State registered agent resignation form and filing instructions

How to resign as registered agent in Indiana:

It is really easy to resign as an entity’s Indiana registered agent. All you have to do is file one original and one copy of Indiana Form 26285, Statement of Resignation of Registered Agent with the Indiana Secretary of State (SOS). You can resign online if you have an payment account.

Do you have to notify the Indiana entity you’re serving as registered agent for before you resign or after?

The registered agent doesn’t have to notify the business of the resignation. After you file the statement of resignation, the secretary of state will mail one copy to the corporation at its principal office and one copy to its registered office (if it has one).

Is there a fee to resign as the Indiana resident agent for a corporation, LLC, or other business entity?

There is no filing fee to resign as the Indiana LLC.

How long will it take the state to process the Indiana resignation of registered agent filing?

If you walk-in or express mail your documents:

Documents received before noon are filed by noon the next business day
Documents received after noon are filed by noon on the second business day

Mailed documents are filed in 3-5 business days

How long do you still have to serve as the resident agent after the filing? How long will you have to legally accept service of process after you’ve resigned as agent?

The appointment of the Indiana registered agent ends on the thirty-first day after the date when the statement of resignation was filed.

What Indiana agency do you have to resign with?

You can file the resignation of agent with the Indiana Secretary of State.

Deliver documents by mail, express mail, or in person to:
Indiana Secretary of State
Business Services Division
302 W. Washington Street, E-018
Indianapolis, Indiana 46204
(317) 232-6576

Indiana SOS Business Services