North Dakota Secretary of State registered agent resignation form and filing instructions

How to resign as registered agent in North Dakota:

To resign as a North Dakota registered agent, file a Statement of Resignation with the North Dakota Secretary of State (SOS). The SOS does not provide a resignation form; simply prepare a written statement signed by the registered agent.

This statement must include:

The name of the entity
The name of the registered agent
A statement that you resign as the entity’s agent for service of process
The entity’s name and address where you will promptly supply notice of resignation

Sometimes a business will designate a registered agent without the agent’s knowledge or approval. If you wish to reject such an appointment, submit a statement of resignation to the SOS.

Do you have to notify the North Dakota entity you’re serving as registered agent for before you resign or after?

You will need to mail written notice of the resignation to the business promptly upon filing the resignation. The notice must include the date on which the resignation was filed.

Is there a fee to resign as the North Dakota registered agent for a corporation, LLC, or other business entity?

There is no fee to resign as the North Dakota LLC.

How long will it take the state to process the North Dakota resignation of registered agent filing?

Document processing generally takes the North Dakota SOS about 30 days. North Dakota Secretary of State does not have an offer expedited services.

How long do you still have to serve as the registered agent after the filing? How long will you have to legally accept service of process after you’ve resigned as agent?

The resignation takes effect on the thirty-first day after the statement is filed with the SOS, or when a new registered agent is appointed, whichever happens first.

What North Dakota agency do you have to resign with?

Send resignation of agent documents to:

Secretary of State
State of North Dakota
600 E Boulevard Ave, Dept. 108
PO Box 5513
Bismarck ND 58506-5513
Fax: (701) 328-2992
Phone: (701) 328-4284

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