A registered agent for service of process is a technical term for the person or business responsible for accepting any type of legal notice you want to serve upon a business you have a problem with.

Registered Agent: is the person or business name listed on regulatory documents.

Registered Office: is the address where this person or business must be during business hours.  You can look up this address and to mail a letter or hand-deliver a notification.

Service of Process: is the act of showing proof that you’ve legally notified someone.  If you are trying to prove something in court or continue a court process, you must show that you notified the other party of your complaint.  The “Process” cannot continue without you showing proof of service.

All that wrapped up into a long term commonly used in the legal industry: Registered agent for service of process, but this is left looking like an annoying and burdensome requirement for a small business owner.  Many people find out about a registered agent requirement after finding state template forms and trying to fill them out.  Often after getting a rejection notice from the state because you tried to put a PO Box down on the form to conceal your physical address.  The address listed for the registered agent for service of process is completely public.  You WILL get more solicitations, junk mail, and eventually you may have some unexpected visitors at this address.  Hiring NW as your registered agent for service of process can hide your real address on the public documents.  If you have someone looking for you, they will have to come to our office, deliver us the document, and then we go through our redundant channels to make sure you receive the documents.

A registered agent for service of process IS a big deal.  It shouldn’t be looked at as just another line item to fill out on a state form.  You could get legally notified of something and not even know it happened.

We provide registered agent for service of process service for $125 a year.  If you have multiple states or companies, we provide a deep discount.

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