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Resident agent services is basically the same thing as registered agent services.  There are a few states left that still call this “Resident Agent” services instead of registered agent services.  Kansas, Maryland, Massachusetts, Rhode Island, and Michigan are the states that have not adopted using the term registered agent instead of resident agent. 

We know you have choices in your resident agent services.  We provide resident agent service in each of the states still utilizing resident agent terminology under our own legal name and office. 

We also provide resident agent services for many court requirements for service of process.  If you need a court appointed resident agent to continue in your court proceedings, you can sign up for immediate service and you’ll see our legal resident agent name and address in your online account that you can use to appoint us with your court. 

Many contractors licensing departments require a resident agent service to be listed for their application.  We do not charge you extra to serve as your resident agent for multiple governing agencies within a state.  Let’s say you need a security contractor’s license in Maryland.  You only need to hire us as your Maryland resident agent, and you can list us as your Maryland resident agent services for the SDAT and the county or city filing to get your professional security contractor license.  All for our flat rate yearly fee. 

Thank you for looking at our resident agent services.  We strive to be the best resident agent you can find and thank you for your business.

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