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Resident Agents

Resident agents are basically the same thing as registered agents.

You need resident agents to keep your company in good standing with a Secretary of State or Corporations Commission. 

The resident agent has a legal obligation to accept your service of process and legal documents on your behalf.  Some companies just write an employee’s name or put their owners name and residence down as the resident agent.  This may work for a time, but when push comes to shove, if you get served, you will want professional resident agents handling your paperwork. Here's why.

Suppose you list the owner's name and residence as the registered agent. What if he or she decides to take a two-week vacation in the summer. If during that time a process server tries to serve legal papers and can't, there can be ramifications for your business with the state. Not to mention there's the potential for a default judgement if the owner doesn't know soon enough about being served.

As your resident agent, we have time proven systems in place to make sure the important people in your organization are not only looking at your law suits and notices, but understanding them.

Our registered agent service includes many services that other resident agents charge extra for.
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