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What is a Statutory Agent?  A statutory agent serves a vital purpose of being your corporation or LLCs point of contact for legal notifications.  Without a statutory agent, companies could hide from legal notices, claiming they were not received. That's why states require the appointment of an agent for new and existing business entities.

A statutory agent must be available during normal business hours at the address listed on the corporate paperwork.  The statutory agent must accept legal documents on behalf of the business entity that has appointed it.

Most states call this a registered agent and a few still call it a resident agent. Whatever your state happens to call it, the job is still the same. We're available during normal business hours, ready to receive any and all legal documents on behalf of our clients.

As your statutory agent you will receive real time delivery of all your documents we receive at any of our statutory agent offices.  We provide registered agent service in every state under our own name.  Our method of scanning documents into your online account makes our job of performing statutory agent service simple, quick, and effective. Our clients are able to rest assured that we'll perform our duties and notify them in the event they receive any service of process.
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