What is a Texas corporation?

Texas corporations are separate legal entities established by the shareholders. The shareholders elect to have an incorporator make the action to incorporate a Texas corporation to create a separate entity from them personally.

How much do Texas corporations cost?

A Texas corporation will cost $300 to file the certificate of formation.

How do I form a Texas corporation?

File a Certificate of Formation with the Texas Secretary of State. You can file by mail, fax, or online.

It will take about 3-5 business days to process your TX corporation certificate of formation if you mail or fax the paper form.

We can form your Texas corporation in one day!

How are Texas corporations regulated?

Texas Corporations are governed by Texas Business Organizations Code – Title 2, Chapter 21, For-Profit Corporations.

What does the Texas Certificate of Incorporation require?

An incorporating Texas ending such as Inc, corporation, or incorporated; a general purpose; the corporation is perpetual unless you state otherwise in the “supplemental information” section; an amount of Texas corporation shares you would like to authorize; the par value of shares you are issuing; the name, address, and signature of the Texas incorporator; at least one director of the Texas registered agent of the corporation; and the effective date of incorporation.

You can do this yourself and use our free Texas corporate tools we provide in your online account, or you can pay our $100 incorporating Texas service fee and we’ll do it for you. When you pay us to form your Texas corporation, your money actually goes back into the local community. Why? Because we actually run a corporation in Texas, just like you and we cry at the amount of taxes we have to pay Texas.

What does your Texas incorporation service include?

  • Drafting custom TX corporation certificate of formation.
  • The incorporator initial resolution.
  • Texas corporate bylaws.
  • The Texas corporation state filing fees.
  • Registered agent service.
  • Our fees are: $100 incorporating Texas service and $125 Texas corporate agent service.

Total incorporating Texas package for only $535 to form a Texas corporation, and that includes the state filing fees.

Do I need a Texas registered agent?

You need to appoint a Texas registered agent in your certificate of incorporation. Your registered agent will accept service and official documents on behalf of your business.

What are the ongoing fees for a Texas corporation?

Texas corporations have to file the Texas Annual Report, also known as the Texas Franchise Tax Report.

What about Texas taxes?

Texas corporations are subject to Texas Taxes.

How can I get a Federal Tax ID Number?

You can request a federal tax ID number online from the IRS.

What else do I need to know about my Texas corporation?

Your corporation may need to make additional filings with the state to request documents or stay active.

What corporation forms do I need?

We know what a hassle paperwork can be. But it is important to keep good corporate records. So we have drafted some common corporation templates. Please feel free to use the following Corporate Forms:

Should I incorporate in Texas?

You may want to compare business entities before incorporating in Texas. Take a few minutes to learn about the Texas LLC.