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What is a Waiver of Notice for a meeting

A waiver of notice of meeting can be used for the first shareholders meeting of a corporation, the first board of directors meeting of a corporation, or a special meeting the corporation needs to hold.

Typically, if a meeting is requested, the person or entity requesting the meeting will send notice to the other parties. So if a director has a problem and wants to talk to the other directors of the corporation, the director will give proper notice of his/her request for a meeting. If the matter is urgent, the director may request a meeting immediately. In smaller corporations you could say there’s informal important meetings almost every day! But even in smaller corporations if there’s multiple shareholders, and multiple directors, you should document big decisions with a meeting of minutes.

The waiver of notice form should be used because if you’re holding a special meeting without notice, you need the other parties to sign off acknowledging that they are ok with not getting a proper notification of the meeting.

This also protects you if one of the other directors or shareholders try to pull a fast meeting on you and don’t give you time to think about the decision. If you don’t feel comfortable with the decision, just don’t sign a waiver of notice.

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