Wholesale Registered Agent Services

Our wholesale registered agent solution truly has you in mind.


  • Forms to file in each state are instantly in your online account.  If it’s a state that needs a signature, the forms are pre-signed so you never have to wait.
  • Filing instructions like: Does the state need original signatures, how current of a certificate of good standing is needed for a foreign entity, or if there is a requirement at all, if you can file online, fax, or have to mail it, how long the state takes to process filings, and much more.


  • You’ll have one area to get documents delivered to ANY of our 51 locations in real time.  You won’t have to wonder how you get something from a random local state rep you barely know.
  • You’ll never have a courier fee.
  • You won’t have 50 different local egos looking over how you file your documents.
  • Easily see a summary of your registered agent business nationwide.
  • We locally scan every document we get for your clients into your online account in real time.  No one else does this.
  • You won’t have to remember to bill your clients.  Our system can invoice you 90 days prior to the end of service date and then you can send your clients a renewal invoice from you.  We have a very easy way to cancel the company out of our system if they don’t renew with you.
  • We send you annual report reminders so you can try to sell report filing services to your clients if you want to.

We can customize a solution to your operation.  We can provide custom code to add to your signup forms that you have on your websites to make the adding of companies to our system seamless and take no manual time on your part.

We will provide a wholesale price that will be painful if someone wants to try to beat it.  We can provide wholesale registered agent services cheaper than finding 50 different local representatives.  We don’t contact your clients and your end client will never even know who we are.

If you’re interested in chatting about your needs, our owner would love to talk to you.  Wholesale registered agent services is the bulk of our business.  We’ll create a custom solution to fit your needs and hopefully grow our businesses together.  If you’d like to talk more about it please fill out a contact form to start the conversation.

If you’d like to set up the free affiliate account so we have a foundation to work off of in customizing your solution you can do so here online.

Thank you for taking the time to consider us as your wholesale registered agent solution.