Incorporating Wyoming Corporations

What is a Wyoming corporation?

Wyoming corporations are separate legal entities established by the shareholders. Corporations are formed to raise capital and/or limit personal liability.

How much do Wyoming corporations cost?

A Wyoming corporation will cost $100 to file the articles of incorporation.

How to form Wyoming corporations:

It will take 3-6 business days to process your WY corporation articles of incorporation. You can only file by mail and Wyoming requires original signatures. The best way to speed up Wyoming incorporation is to overnight your WY articles of incorporation to the Secretary of State. They will email the completed filing back to you.

If you need a federal tax ID number, that can be obtained online immediately with the IRS.

Learn more about incorporating in Wyoming.

How are Wyoming corporations regulated?

Wyoming Corporations are governed by the Wyoming Statutes Title 17 – Corporations, Partnerships and Associations, Chapter 16 – Wyoming Business Corporation Act.

Wyoming corporations require:

Your Wyoming articles of incorporation must include a corporate name ending, shares authorized, registered office and registered agent, and name and address of each incorporator. The articles may include the initial directors, purpose, etc.

You can file WY articles of incorporation yourself and use our free Wyoming corporate tools we provide in your online account, or you can pay our $100 incorporating Wyoming service fee and we’ll do it for you. When you pay us to form your Wyoming corporation, your money actually goes back into the local community. Why? Because we actually run a corporation in Wyoming, just like you.

When we incorporate a Wyoming corporation, our incorporating Wyoming service includes:

  • Drafting custom WY corporation articles of incorporation
  • The incorporator initial resolution
  • Wyoming corporate bylaws
  • The Wyoming corporation state filing fees
  • Wyoming registered agent service. To learn more, read our page: What is a registered agent?
  • Our fees are: $100 incorporating Wyoming service and $125 Wyoming corporate agent service.

Total incorporating Wyoming package for only $325 to form a Wyoming corporation, and that includes the state filing fees and newspaper fees.

Wyoming Corporation Resources:

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