How to Start a Corporation in Wyoming

A Wyoming corporation is formed by completing and submitting a single document called the Articles of Incorporation with the Wyoming Secretary of State (you can download a template on the Wyoming Secretary of State’s). Follow the steps below to complete the Wyoming Corporation Articles of Incorporation and form a corporation in Wyoming today!

  1. Perform a Wyoming Corporation Name Search

    The State of Wyoming requires all LLCs to have legally, distinct names. This means that no Wyoming LLC can have the same name as any other LLC registered in Wyoming. To find your LLC’s name, use the secretary of state’s business name search function. You are not required to reserve the available LLC name once you find it. The name will belong to your Wyoming LLC once the Articles of Organization are filed with the secretary of state.

  2. Appoint a Wyoming Registered Agent

    Before you complete the Wyoming Articles of Organization, you’ll need to select a Wyoming registered agent. The primary function of a Wyoming registered agent is to accept any service of process (notice of a lawsuit) or official notices from the state on your business’ behalf. Registered agents in Wyoming can be individuals or businesses residing in Wyoming and have physical addresses where service of process and other official mail can be delivered. Wyoming registered agents must also be available during all normal business hours.

  3. Complete the Articles of Incorporation

    Once you’ve found a registered agent and a name for your corporation, you’re ready to finish Wyoming’s Articles of Incorporation. Wyoming Articles of Incorporation can be filed online. Be prepared to include the following information:

    • Wyoming Corporation Name
      Enter the available corporation name your found in the online name search (see Step 1).
    • Wyoming Registered Agent Name and Registered Office Address
      Enter the name of your registered agent in Wyoming and their registered office (physical address) where they can receive and accept legal notices and official mail (this address is known as the registered office) on behalf of your corporation.
    • Principal Office Address
      Wyoming requires you to list the corporation’s principal address. This address will be put on the public record. Many of our clients hire us as registered agents to keep their personal information private and off the state databases and records.
    • Number and Class of Shares Authorized
      Unlike many other states, Wyoming doesn’t require incorporators to list a par value for the shares issued. However, the par value will be accepted if included. Often new corporations issue an easily divisible number of initial shares like 1000 or 2000. More shares can be issued at a later date.
    • Incorporators
      List the names and addresses of each incorporator. Incorporators are not necessarily a shareholder or director; an incorporator is simply someone authorized to complete the Articles of Incorporation. For example, if you hire Northwest to complete your filing, we would list ourselves as the incorporator.
    • Name of Each Incorporator
      The incorporator is the person or company that prepares and files your Articles of Incorporation. This can be you, or you can hire us to do it for you.
  4. Submit the Wyoming Articles of Incorporation

    Wyoming corporations can be formed online, which is the fastest and simplest way to file. You can, however, mail your Articles of Incorporation to the Wyoming Secretary of State or physically walk them in. There is a $100 filing fee when you submit your Articles of Incorporation. Online filings are processed instantly. Mailed filings are processed in 7 to 10 day, and the Wyoming Secretary of State will mail you a stamped copy of your articles.

Wyoming Corporation FAQs

What will it cost to start a corporation in Wyoming?

$100 Wyoming Articles of Incorporation filing fee

Do I need to reserve a name before I can start a Wyoming corporation?

No, Wyoming doesn’t require name reservations. It would slow things down.

How long will it take to start a Wyoming corporation?

Online incorporation is done instantly.

Mailed filings take the Wyoming Secretary of State 3-6 business days to process your Wyoming Articles of Incorporation. If you hire us to form your Wyoming company we typically get your filed articles back and email them to you in about 3 days.

What am I going to be looking at for ongoing fees to Wyoming?

There is an annual report fee for every business entity registered with the WY SOS of $52.

The Wyoming Secretary of State requires corporations and LLCs to file an annual report by the first day of your anniversary month each year. So if your original filing date was January 15th, you need to file your annual report by January 1st each year. You can file your Wyoming annual report online or you may mail in the paper form. We remind you of these due dates.

What are the Wyoming business taxes?

Wyoming corporations and Wyoming LLCs are fortunate because Wyoming doesn’t have personal or corporate income tax. Wyoming does have sales tax if you were to actually be in Wyoming and offer things for sale to Wyoming residents and use tax if you were to actually own business machinery and have it physically located in the State of Wyoming. Basically Wyoming LLCs and Wyoming Corporations are Wyoming tax free if you don’t live and work in WY.

How do I get a Federal Tax ID Number?

You can request a federal tax ID number from the IRS online.

What should I know about my Wyoming corporation?

We can do more than help you start a corporation. We can also help you learn how to:

What corporate documents do I need?

Corporate record keeping is important. Please feel free to use our corporate forms:

Should I incorporate in Wyoming?

We recommend learning more about the Wyoming LLC before you decide to incorporate in Wyoming.

When we form your corporation in Wyoming, our service includes:

  • Unlimited Wyoming Mail Forwarding.
  • Drafting custom articles for a Wyoming corporation.
  • The Wyoming Incorporator initial resolution for a corporation.
  • Ratified Wyoming corporate bylaws.
  • The Wyoming state incorporation filing fees.
  • Wyoming registered agent service.
  • Wyoming Corporate Stock Certificates.
  • Wyoming annual report reminders.
  • Company management system.
  • You can generate any kind of Wyoming Corporation amendment or maintenance filing in your account without having to make them from scratch. We store your information once, and they give you tools to make legal forms that will help you maintain your Wyoming Corporation without having to spend all day typing on a keyboard or searching for a form online.
$325 for a Wyoming Corporation