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Skip State Filing Fees with our Monthly VIP Service!

Correctly filing the documents necessary to form a business can be difficult enough, let alone keeping that business compliant every year. That’s why at Northwest Registered Agent, we’ve worked tirelessly to make starting an LLC or a corporation easier for small business owners in every state.

We’ve already overcome numerous obstacles and headaches for our clients by creating tools like our one-stop formation/compliance portal and our team of expert Corporate Guides, but there’s been one seemingly unsolvable problem that has irked us all along… state filing fees.

We think it’s annoying that we’ll offer our business services for one low price (that never goes up!) only to have the total look so much bigger once we tack on the fee the state’s charge for filing (in excess of $400 in some states.)

Anyone who knows Northwest knows “annoying” is not how we do business, so without further ado…

Say Sayonara to State Fees!

Yup, you read that correctly. If we really wanted to create the cheapest way to start a business anywhere in the United States, we knew we’d have to do something about those pesky state fees—so we did!

No, we didn’t hold protests at the state capital buildings or lobby senators to enact legislative change. We just decided to pay the state filing fee for you when you hire Northwest to form your LLC or start your corporation. After all, egregious state fees are an obstacle for many entrepreneurs and new businesses, and we’re in the business of removing those obstacles wherever we can.

At Northwest Registered Agent, we’ll pay your state filing fee upfront and then spread the sum out over the first year you’re with us as one low monthly payment. Depending on your home state, that means you could get your business formed and running for as little as $30 per month!

Plus, many clients hire us to obtain their business’ EIN after their initial formation, so we’ve decided to include that in our Monthly VIP service as well. You’ll need an EIN from the IRS if you’re going to hire employees or start a bank account for your business, and at Northwest we can quickly get an EIN for you without the hassle of dealing with the IRS!

On top of that, subscribers to our Monthly VIP package have a surprise coming their way when their business’s annual report is due: we’ll take care of that as well! We’ll prepare your company’s annual report, cover the upfront fee, and have you pay it off in monthly installments as part of your second year with Northwest Registered Agent.

All in all, our Monthly VIP service ensures that you’re starting your business the right way, while preserving as much of your start-up cash as possible. Plus, you get to stay focused on what matters most—your business!

Anyone that signs up for our Monthly VIP service gets just about every perk we offer, including:

  • Registered Agent Service
  • EIN Filing
  • Use of Business Address
  • Free Limited Mail Forwarding
  • Operating Agreement or Bylaws
  • Banking Resolution
  • Corporate Guide Service
  • Annual Filings

Our goal has always been to remove all of the bureaucratic mumbo-jumbo and paperwork for our clients that own and operate small businesses, but with our Monthly VIP service, we think we’ve outdone ourselves. All of our premium-level business benefits are now compiled into one all-inclusive, subscription based service!

Whether you’re starting a national holdings conglomerate, or just trying to sell some artisan friendship bracelets on Etsy, our monthly VIP service is the cheapest and easiest way to get started. Period.

New Payment Options, Same Northwest

So if you’re looking for the quickest, easiest and most cost-effective way to start your own business—Boom! There you have it! But if we’ve learned one thing while helping thousands of people become entrepreneurs, it’s that everyone’s business situation is different.

If you’re already a client of ours, or if the Monthly VIP option doesn’t seem like your thing, don’t worry. We’re still the same Northwest—with unparalleled registered agent service and business compliance mastery to make sure you’re doing business the right way, and doing so for the long-run.

We still offer the same yearly packages for our clients that sign up for our registered agent service year after year, and even if you’d like to do-it-yourself, Northwest is still the place to start. We’re constantly updating our website with free how-to guides and new small business tips every day.

Contemplating starting a new business this New Year?

Check out our hub of business small business ideas and start-up guides.

And keep in mind, you can hire us to form your business for the lowest price you’ll find anywhere!

Be your own boss, we dare you!

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