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Insanely stupid New York LLC Publication Requirements

As many of our New York LLC clients know, the requirement to publish in a New York newspaper for 6... View Article

Stereotyping Gmail email users

Stereotyping Gmail email users. This is a continuation of my previous post stereotyping AOL email users. We typically do pretty... View Article

Occupy Spokane – Occupy Wall Street Movement

Occupy Spokane, Occupy Wall Street, Occupy everything! I decided to go down to the Occupy Spokane rally Friday afternoon to... View Article

Herman Cain 999 Plan, Maybe 9-9 Plan?

Herman Cains 999 plan. I’ve already gone on record here thinking a 9% sales tax would be the single worst... View Article

Dumbest Things Government Agencies Do

Worst Examples of Bad Government Bureaucracy: In our business, we deal with red tape.  It’s sad, but often the only... View Article

Illinois discriminates against long business names

In my new series calling out stupid things state agencies do, I’m dedicating my first post to Illinois.  As many... View Article

Stereotyping AOL Email Users

Stereotyping people by the type of email client they use. Today I’d like to talk about AOL email users. In... View Article

2012 Presidential Election Candidates

2012 Presidential election candidates And why nothing will change. It seems to me like most Americans want some stability in... View Article

Loves vs Flying J Gas in Post Falls Idaho

Loves vs. Flying J Gas in Post Falls Idaho We get a lot of Spokane Washington drivers making the 20... View Article

why doesnt anyone want to WIN the Presidency

Why doesn’t anyone want to win the Presidency in 2012? Who on earth is running these campaigns? Tiger Woods, Snooky,... View Article