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District of Columbia Certificate of Authority for Foreign District of Columbia Corporation

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What does it cost to register a foreign corporation in the District of Columbia?

$220 for normal processing. $80 for non-profit.

How long does it take for the state to process the District of Columbia Certificate of Authority?

Online Processing: 10-15 business days. Normal Processing: 10-15 business days, plus additional time for mailing. Expedited processing: same day if you pay the $100 expedite fee. In Person Processing: 3 business days if you pay $50 to expedite or same day if received in the morning and you pay $100 to expedite.

How will I get verification of qualification back from District of Columbia?

You will receive a verification certificate by mail or in person.

What forms do I file with District of Columbia to qualify my out of State Corporation?

The Foreign Registration Statement, Certificate of Good Standing and filing fee is required for corporation filings. For non-profit filing, a certified copy of Articles of

Incorporation and Articles of Amendment is required instead of Certificate of Good Standing. For insurance companies, a copy of the insurance license is also required.

What do I need from my home state?

A Certificate of Good Standing for corporation filing. A certified copy of Articles of Incorporation and Articles of Amendment for non-profit filing only.

Does it need to be an original copy?


How current does the certificate need to be?

Certificate of Good Standing must be current within 30 days.

Certified copy of Articles of Incorporation and Articles of Amendment must be current within 6 months.

Will I need an District of Columbia registered agent for my corporation?

Yes, when you hire Northwest as your registered agent, it’s a flat rate yearly price of $125 a year, you’ll have an online account that tracks your report due dates, which States you’re registered in, when your yearly service with us is up, and any documents we receive locally for you are uploaded into your account immediately for complete viewing.

If or when you get served with a lawsuit, we can email up to 4 people and your attorney at the same time for real time complete viewing of a lawsuit. You’ll receive annual report reminders. It’s the same price every year, and there are no weird fees or cancellation fees.

You’ll also see all the pre-populated forms and specific filing instructions on the thank you page, in your online account, and they are emailed to you immediately upon signing up for 1 year of registered agent service.

Does the District of Columbia registered agent need to sign the filing?

No, not any more.

How can I file the District of Columbia Certificate of Authority?

By mail, online or in person.

What is the state agency that accepts the out of state registration?

District of Columbia Government Department of Consumer and Regulatory Affairs Corporations Division PO Box 92300 Washington, DC 20090 Phone: (202)442-4400

Do the signatures on the District of Columbia corporation application need to be original?


Who has to sign the foreign corporation filing?

The president or vice-president of the corporation must sign the application form. For non-profit filings, the president or vice-president signature must be attested by the secretary or assistant secretary of the corporation.

Are there any weird things about registering in District of Columbia?

The initial report is due April 15th for corporations and January 15th for non-profits. After you file your initial report, then your reports are biennial. If you file your corporation on April 14th, your annual report is due the next day. The DCRA uses the day they receive your filing as your date. The reporting late fee can be as high as $1,000. If you wait to file your corporation and make sure they receive the filing after April 14th, your first report will be due the next year, and then biennially thereafter.

Reports will be mailed to your DC registered agent, so it’s important that you pick one you can trust, like Northwest Registered Agent Service, Inc.

County filing or publication is not necessary, unless specifically required by the county in which your registered agent resides.

Is there ongoing District of Columbia annual report and/or initial reporting requirements?

DC reports are due April 15th for corporations and January 15th for non-profits. You must file an initial report, and then your reports are biennial.

What are your fees?

You’ll need to have an District of Columbia registered agent. We charge $125 a year to act as your registered agent in District of Columbia. It’s a flat rate, once a year fee, and includes more than other registered agents. Here’s a little more about our registered agent service.

We charge a $100 one-time filing service fee if you would like us to obtain the certificates needed from your home state, and register your company in any state you choose.

We have offices in every state and can act as your registered agent and make your filings for you in any state. If you would like to register with multiple states at once, we can usually drop our filing service fee down.

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