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How To Be Your Own Registered Agent In Maine

You can be the registered agent for your Maine business. As the registered agent, you are responsible for accepting official notices and service of process for your business. The registered agent system in Maine is more complicated than most states.  First, domestic corporations call it a clerk. Foreign corporations, domestic and foreign LLCs, etc., all call it a registered agent. In Maine, clerk and registered agent mean the same thing. Maine also distinguishes between commercial and non-commercial registered agents/clerks. The difference between commercial and non-commercial is that some businesses have chosen to be listed as “commercial” by the Secretary of State. Individuals can provide registered agent services in a non-commercial capacity. The registered office must be a street address where process may be personally served on the registered agent.

How do I become my own registered agent?

It is easy to designate yourself as a Maine registered agent when you form your corporation or LLC. Just list your own name and address on the Articles of Incorporation or Certificate of Formation that you file with the Maine Secretary of State. You can download the Articles of Incorporation or Certificate of Formation from the Maine Secretary of State’s website. Write in your name as the name of the registered agent or clerk. Then write in your street address as the registered office. You may write in your mailing address if you have one that is different from your street address.  You need to send the signed original to the Secretary of State.

What if I already have a registered agent?

The state has a ton of forms to choose from when changing your Maine registered agent. There are forms for domestic corporations, foreign corporations, and LLCs. Make sure you choose the right form for your entity to switch to a non-commercial registered agent or clerk. When filling in the form, first check a box at the top of the form to indicate that you are changing the registered agent and address. Then just type your information, print, and sign the form. Send the signed original change of agent/clerk form, the attached Filer Contact Cover Letter, and $35 fee to the Maine SOS by mail or in person. You may pay with a check or a card if you include a Credit Card Payment Voucher.

Once your documents are filed by the state, you are your Maine LLC or Maine corporation‘s registered agent. All service of process and official mail will be sent to the registered office listed. It is very important that you comply with the requirements for a registered agent and registered office.

Send the change of agent form to:

Maine Secretary of State
Division of Corporations
101 State House Station
Augusta, ME 04333-0101
(207) 624-7752

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