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Northwest Registered Agent, LLC
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Located in Spokane, WA

We’re looking for another accountant / controller for our company. Although you’ll need the skills of a bean counter, we also need you to enjoy talking with our clients and making them happy. An exchange of money can be a positive experience for our clients or it can be awful. Your interaction with them can make them associate us with a valuable asset for their business or an expense they wish they didn’t have.

A typical day would be counting beans, talking and emailing with our clients as they have questions on bills, fixing their problems, working with our customer service team (20 feet from you, not some random big department) if they have problems, general accounting things, and we’re really hoping to find someone to focus on collections. We actually don’t do collections. . . uhhhh yeah. That sucks. I mean we send clients bills. . . but we don’t have an active game plan to really “collect”. But we don’t like pissing off our clients, and if we want to focus on getting paid better, we want to do it in a way that doesn’t come across like collections and actually provides a benefit to our clients. Most often if a client has not paid a bill, they really have just over looked it or forgot what we even do for them. They’ve forgotten they have an online account with us that actually could help them run their business better. We’re looking for an accountant / controller that won’t mind calling and reaching out to our clients, helping them remember who we are and what they can do in their online account. We find that this type of approach helps a client realize what we do for them and often gets them to pay a bill without even asking them to. Why would our clients not remember why they hired us you ask? We do nationwide registered agent services. Business entities have to have a registered agent to maintain their good standing with the state secretary of state or corporations division and they often hired us when forming their company and don’t pay much attention to us after that. Having another person to reach out to some of our clients via phone or email would create a better experience for our clients and it would just be great to have another person around the office to help our accountant that probably does the work of two people now.

A checklist of desired skills for you to see how good of a fit you might be:

  • Multi class journal entries
  • Bank reconciliation
  • Sales reconciliation
  • Understanding of accounts contained on a balance sheet and profit and loss statement
  • Payroll experience
  • Collections experience
  • Proper expensing within categories
  • Understanding of cost of goods sold vs regular expenses
  • Attention to detail
  • Ability to listen to a client and figure out their need, and provide a solution
  • We think Jennifer has 4 arms. She secretly pulls them out when we’re not looking. Ability to 4-arm mutate is a plus. How else can that calculator make that much noise?

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