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Northwest Registered Agent, LLC
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Located in Spokane, WA

We are looking for someone to help us with:

  • A focus on selling to our inbound telephone and website inquiry requests for services
  • Communicating better with our clients that do not pay their bills
  • General office-help with clients and really anything that is needed

Sales: We would like to have someone that is more focused on trying to make sure all potential clients that call us and email us actually become clients. This is as simple as having someone that is good at answering the phone and good at following up with potential email leads, but as complex as working with our web team to make our website communicate what we need to better to people shopping around for our services.

Collections: We have a lot of outstanding debt, mostly because clients have forgotten who we are and what we do for them. We would love to have someone focus on connecting with the clients, reminding them about their online account and the tools it has to help them run their business, and then try to get them to pay a bill. . . See what caused them to not pay the bill, and work through the systems we currently do and see what we could do better next time around. We may need to revamp our entire billing operation, but we need someone who is in the middle of it day in and day out to be the brains behind any new ideas on billing.

General Office: We are a small team that helps each other out when needed. We do not really segment ourselves out into roles. If someone is buried on a filing we all try to help. If someone has 50 things that need scanned into the computer and can’t seem to get it done, someone will help them. If someone is having a bad day and wants to play pool, someone will play pool with them. If someone just wants to play pool, they play pool. If someone just doesn’t want to be on a computer, they may just go outside and wash the windows. We are on the phone and email a lot, so we try to be a connected team that isn’t too segmented. We try very hard not to get pigeon holed into specifics so that we’re constantly talking to people in our office and not just hiding in a cubical waiting for the hours to disappear.

This position is kind of unique. You need to have great people skills and talk to people very well. We don’t screw around with our clients. We have to make them happy, and we have to do whatever it takes to make them happy.

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