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Located in Spokane, WA

Northwest Registered Agent is a rapidly growing corporate filing company that assists entrepreneurs, business owners, and law firms in making business registrations in every state, nationwide.

We are currently looking for a Corporate Filer to fill a full time M-F, position here in downtown Spokane. This position is kind of unique. Your background could be that of a title company, paralegal, legal assistant, or anything really that deals with paperwork and data entry. BUT we need you to enjoy talking to clients, emailing with them, and not just working on legal documents. We work for a lot of lawyers so it’s helpful for us to hire people that are used to the way lawyers talk. We also work with a lot of end clients that don’t have any clue about business registrations and need us to talk to them in away that makes an over-complicated business registration process easy for them to understand. We have systems in place that streamline corporate filings so you won’t need to draft a 30 page LLC operating agreement from scratch. We are looking for someone who enjoys working with our clients, helping them get their business registered, and enjoys trying to make them happy. Part of the job is just plain customer service; taking calls and helping to figure out what our clients need.

We do all things business filings for our clients. Eventually you will know an absurd amount of finite details regarding business formations and formalities to keep a company active and in good standing with every state in the US. You’ll understand business filings better than attorneys, and be a true expert in our field.

Here are some company benefits:

-Pretty cool people to work with.

-Comfortable and casual environment.

-Stable company.

-Standing desks or sit-down if you really want it.

-Great coffee.

-Filtered water.

-Filtered HVAC system for a great smelling office.

-High ceilings?

-Free downtown people watching.

-Blue pens.

-Snack Friday.

– 22 days paid time off each year.

-$500 a month health insurance bonus.

-Parking stipend.

-3% matching retirement account.

-Pretty cool break room with ping pong, pool, shuffle board, air hockey etc.

-Birch desktops? Wha??!

Our company trademark is that “We’re just not annoying” and we try very hard to not be. This applies to each other and to our clients. If you’re looking for a long term job in a very unique industry, this might be a great fit for you. Here’s some info on what we do for people:

Our Creedo: At Northwest Registered Agent, our goal is to provide a sustainable business for the people who are amazing enough to give up 8 hours of their life every day to help make this company run. We don’t chase revenue. It’s just not our goal. We do care about taking care of clients and taking care of as many of them as we can, but we’re not willing to venture off into all kinds of craziness just to grow sales.

We take our jobs seriously, we just don’t take ourselves too seriously. Want proof? Check out our staff page!

Job Type: Full-time

Salary: $13.00 – $15.00/hr DOE.

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