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National Registered Agent

Do Business the Right Way

Northwest Registered Agent provides registered agent service anywhere your business wants to be. Our registered agent services were designed to fit the needs of every business and we don’t offer different levels of service. Every client receives the same level of outstanding service. We specialize in quick seamless forwarding of important documents for our clients.

Real Time Delivery

No Matter Where You’re Located, As Your Registered Agent We:

  • Locally Scan Everything To You
  • Notify You In Real Time
  • Provide Corporate Guide™ Service
  • Never Charge Hidden Fees

Immediate Service

Your instant online account has the forms to file. Along with:

  • Best way to file direct
  • Annual report reminders
  • All documents we receive for you
  • Company management system

National Registered Agent Service

$125 Total
Rated 4.6 / 5 stars by 168 clients on Google

Experience The Northwest Difference Today

Our commitment to speed and service is unmatched:

  • We are the only national registered agent that LOCALLY scans EVERYTHING we receive for you into your online account immediately upon receipt.
  • You get immediate pre-populated forms to file with every state.
  • You can immediately add more states and get every state form.
  • You’ll never have a forwarding fee for items we receive.

We are the fastest National Registered Agent. You could get sued in all 50 states on the same morning, and you’ll have complete scans of all 50 lawsuits in your online account immediately.

Additionally, our Corporate Guides™ provide a personalized service that will give you the assurance that your business entity and personal needs are being watched over. You will deal directly with the same person every time you call in. No big phone systems with extensions, and you won’t be assigned a different representative or clerk in different parts of the country. We provide high-end, national registered agent service with a personalized touch.

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As Your Registered Agent, We Will:

Locally scan all documents to you in real time.

We minimize any chance of losing your documents by scanning and uploading any notification we receive on behalf of your company from our local offices. This practice translates to instant notifications and better service.

Actually be your registered agent.

Many companies outsource their registered agent duties. We have local offices in all 50 states, including Washington D.C. and Puerto Rico.

Provide instant access to our secure, online client portal.

You’ll be able to receive, track and manage all business notifications in multiple states from one account. Additionally, you can access all corporate business forms you need to maintain your business in every state and our Corporate Guides™ will provide pro filing tips to get your filings done fast.

Send state report and compliance reminders.

We have the most sophisticated business compliance reminder system in our industry. We do the work for you programmatically on the backend and provide you not only with a reminder, but the forms to file populated with your info on them. We make filing reports in every state easy.

Protect our clients’ privacy.

At Northwest, we have stringent privacy practices to keep your data private, trained staff who will not give away your information, and in-house data security professionals. We also refuse to sell our clients’ information as leads to marketing firms or “trusted partners.” The information you provide us about your company stays with us and goes no further.

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Every day we pick up new registered agent clients that changed to us after paying forwarding fees with their previous agents. Your business is too important to us to play billing games. We never tack on hidden fees and never try to upsell you. As a national registered agent service, we’re here to make owning and operating a business simple. Whether you do business in one state or all 50 states, Northwest Registered Agent is here to help you.

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Do Business The Right Way