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As an essential business, we’ve been blessed to stay busy. We’re open, fully operational, and committed to providing the highest level of customer service. But let’s be honest: Covid-19 sucks! While Northwest Registered Agent can’t make face masks or work on medical breakthroughs, we can help you stay in business or start a new one. For those struggling, we’ve never charged a late fee and if you’re a current customer and can’t pay your bill, that’s okay. We don’t need to adjust our systems or offer you a coupon code. If you can’t pay us—don’t—we’ll float you as long as possible. We witness our country’s resilience every day as we’ve been flooded with orders from people starting new businesses. While most of our Corporate Guides are now working remote, our efficiency has gone down, but we’ve hired 17 new people since March 1, and we’re figuring out how to hire remote workers better. We’re ramping up for the future, whatever that means for all of us. Thanks for the opportunity to help serve you along the way.

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Panama Papers Bring Opportunity For Privacy Reform In Corporate Filings

April 8, 2016

In recent days, the Panama Papers have brought privacy, shell companies and the need for corporate accountability into the spotlight. Many ideas have been posed as to how to bring accountability and security to such a complicated situation, and many solutions have far reaching consequences both financially and realistically. Fortunately, this is very situation is something we’ve contemplated for years, and we’ve proposed the following solution in the following whitepaper.

To learn how registered agents could provide a simple, cost-effective solution to corporate privacy, please download the pdf below (you can also view this whitepaper on the National Association of Secretaries of State’s (NASS) website):

The Panama Paper Solution: Transparent Privacy in Corporate Filings

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