How to Incorporate in Pennsylvania

An entrepreneur can incorporate in Pennsylvania by submitting Articles of Incorporation to the Bureau of Corporations and Charitable Organizations. You must include a $125 incorporation fee. You should include with the filing a New Entity Docketing Statement, or else the filing will be rejected. Online filings will be processed in less than a week. After you incorporate in Pennsylvania, you must fulfill the state’s publishing requirement by publishing a notice of intent to incorporate or notice that you have incorporated. The publication must run in two separate newspapers, one of which must be a legal newspaper. After incorporation, you will be required to file a Decennial Report (once every ten years) and pay a reporting fee of $70.

What will it cost to incorporate in Pennsylvania?

$125 Pennsylvania articles of incorporation filing fee

What are the costs involved in forming a Pennsylvania LLC?

Pennsylvania LLC certificate of organization will cost $125

How long will it take to get my Pennsylvania Incorporation or Pennsylvania LLC processed?

It will take the Pennsylvania Department of State about a week to process your Pennsylvania Articles of Incorporation if you file the paper with the Dept. of state. Online filing is processed a little faster.

Do I need to reserve a name before I can incorporate in Pennsylvania?

No, Pennsylvania doesn’t require name reservations. If you want to start a business in Pennsylvania, you can do a free business name search online to find available names.

What am I going to be looking at for ongoing fees to Pennsylvania?

The Pennsylvania Department of State Corporation Bureau does not require annual reports unless you are a professional corporation or LLC.

Other corporations and LLCs file a Pennsylvania decennial report every 10 years, in years ending with the number 1. So, if you formed your PA corporation or LLC in 2012, you will not have to file a report until 2021. The decennial report fee is $70.

What are the Pennsylvania business taxes?

The Pennsylvania Corporation net income tax rate is 9.99%.
The Pennsylvania personal net income tax rate is 3.07%.
There are also a lot of local income taxes with an average rate of 1.25%.
The average Pennsylvania sales tax rate is 6.22%. The state has a 6% tax, but the average local tax is .22%, making a total of 6.22%.

When we incorporate your business in Pennsylvania, our service includes:

  • Drafting custom articles for a Pennsylvania LLC or Pennsylvania corporation.
  • The Pennsylvania incorporator initial resolution for a corporation, or Pennsylvania organizer if Pennsylvania LLC.
  • Ratified Pennsylvania corporate bylaws, or operating agreement if Pennsylvania LLC.
  • The state of Pennsylvania incorporation filing fees.
  • Resident agent service for Pennsylvania.
  • Our service fees are: $100 for Pennsylvania incorporation service and $125 for Pennsylvania registered agent.

All for a total of only $350 for a Pennsylvania LLC or $350 for a Pennsylvania corporation.