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Puerto Rico Certificate Of Good Standing


How to Get a Certificate of Good Standing from the Puerto Rico Department of State

Puerto Rico offers both certificates of good standing and certificates of existence. The difference between the two is this: a certificate of good standing will be required if you want to register your Puerto Rico LLC or corporation to do business elsewhere; a certificate of existence may be required by private or government entities for your LLC or corporation to secure a contract or business. This page focuses on certificates of good standing for corporations and LLCs that want to register to do business elsewhere.

What you need to order a Puerto Rico Certificate of Good Standing:

  • Filing fee ($15 for corporations, $25 for limited liability companies (LLCs), $0 for nonprofits)
  • Entity name
  • Registration number

Note: Puerto Rico doesn’t have an application form, other than the online questionnaire, so if you’re ordering by mail, you’ll need to format a note to the Division of Corporations that explains the request and includes the entity name and registration number.

You can normally order by mail, in person or online. Normal processing takes up to 7 days, plus additional time for mailing, and costs are based on the type of business entity. Expedited service is available in person only and should be the same day.

You can order


How much does a Puerto Rico Certificate of Status cost?

$15 for Corporations.
$25 for Limited Liability Companies.

Is expedited processing available?

No, but your Certificate of Good Standing will be available for download upon receipt of payment.

Payment options?

Electronic check (ACH) or credit card

How long does it take to get a Certificate of Good Standing?

Online Processing: immediate

How will the Certificate of Status come back after I order from the Puerto Rico Department of State?

The Certificate of Good Standing will be available through a link sent in an email after you complete your order on the Department of State’s website.

Order a Puerto Rico Certificate of Good Standing Online:

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