Secretary of State Resources

Links to Secretaries of State in all 50 states, Departments of Revenue in each state and business license requirements for all 50 states, including Washington D.C.

Annual Report Information

Due dates and instructions for simple filing in any state.

S Corporation IRS Election

How to make an S corp election with the IRS.

Corporation and LLC Statutes and Titles

Direct links to all corporation and LLC-specific statute titles. Exact title and chapter of the various acts that govern these business entities.

What is an Apostille and how do I get one?

State-specific information for obtaining an apostille.

Certified Copies Information

How to obtain certified copies from any state.

Certificate of Good Standing

Prices and order times for certificates of good standing in every state.

State Tax Rates

Guide to corporate and personal income taxes in every state.


Step-by-step guide to the lawsuit process, including definitions.

How to Start a Business in Each State

Information about and links to various state agencies for each state.

Non Profits

Information and templates to help guide you along the way.