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We’ll form your LLC, provide an operating agreement, EIN, 6 months of registered agent service and more. You only pay state fees.

Professional service, for the same price as doing it yourself.

See why those who know use a registered agent

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How do waived fees work?

We waive the fees we normally charge for business formation and give you extras like an EIN and registered agent service. Our aim is to build a long-term relationship with your business by showing you the value and support we provide, risk-free.

Lock in your new Business Name

What you need: A fast service that will get your name registered with the state with no delays.

What you don’t need: The state can take a long time if you don’t know what you’re doing and many websites will capitalize on this and upsell you expensive options you don’t need to pay extra for if you hire the right vendor.

Get More With Northwest: We will file same day for no extra charge! Since we’re a registered agent, we have an established relationship with the Secretary of State.

Why is this important? Naming your business correctly locks in the start date of the protections you will ultimately want for your new business idea.


Finalize ALL your corporate paperwork

What you Need: Filing your articles of organization does not technically create your company, it simply reserves your name. You need everything. And we provide everything: Filed Articles of Organization, Operating Agreement, Membership Certificates, Initial Resolutions, and an EIN Number.

What you Don’t Need:  Filing services use confusing websites and steps to upsell you every step of the way, and you’ll wonder if you ever really got what you need. We include everything so you don’t have to be confused or pay more.

Get More with Northwest: We are aligned with your success. We’re a registered agent service, not a legal service or filing service, so we include everything your business needs to be fully created instantly.

Why is this important? You can file an LLC direct with the state yourself, but it won’t give you anything that technically “creates” the LLC. You could place an order with a filing service, but they’ll just use each filing to sell you something creating a confusing status of your business for you. Worse yet, they might not help you get across the finish line of technically capitalizing and formalizing the true act that forms your LLC legally speaking. Filing LLCs with the state is like “filing” something at your county recorders office. They will accept anything, and file it, but it might not do you any good. We include all the private documents for free that fully creates your LLC.


A Business Address

What you need:You need a business address and mailing address for your new LLC.

What you don’t need: To go rent space or list your home address on permanent public records or use a random address you won’t want associated with your new business venture permanently.

Get More with Northwest: Because we’re a registered agent service, not a legal service or filing service, you can use our address in each state. We typically own our buildings and allow you full business address use and we will scan your mail to you for free.

Why is this important? All addresses and information on your new business filings, tax records, and business licenses will be permanent public records. We value our clients privacy and want to help you establish a long lineage of a consistent, professional address for your new business.



A Business Phone Number

What you need: A simple, cheap, and easy to use second phone number to use for your new business.

What you don’t need: A complicated invasive, expensive second cell phone contract with an expensive second cell phone purchase or a long drawn out process to get a land line installed for your business.

Get More with Northwest: We include a free 90 day trial to our own Phone Service. If you like it, it’s just $9 a month after that. Instant Apple or Android app download and works instantly on any browser. We are a VOIP Telecommunications provider and service over 500,000 businesses phone lines throughout the US.

Why is this important: We believe we offer the most private phone service in the US. We run own own servers, our own code, and run on tier 1 networks, but when you go to try to get a second business phone line, you won’t have business credit so your phone line will get set up in your personal name. It’s important to have a business phone line and business phone number to use for your new LLC.


More Than a Catchphrase


Our goal has always been to give our clients MORE.

Since we started in 1998, we’ve fundamentally changed the game for business formation.



We build lifelong relationships with clients as their registered agents.

As agents, we’re in a unique position to offer more.

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And because we want our relationship to last, we make sure we’re just not annoying®.