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Northwest Registered Agent is the 3rd largest registered agent service in the US. We maintain over 500,000 active registrations throughout the US Jurisdictions and actively help over 2 million small, medium, and large businesses maintain their businesses with our extensive free corporate tools.

Every client of Northwest gets a Local Corporate Guide to help understand the processes of where you want to work. This combined with our investment in the real estate, investment in the IT infrastructure, and logistical document delivery capacities is what makes Northwest unique in our industry. Your Local Corporate Guide will answer your emails and stay on the phone with you as long as you’d like and until you understand not only what you need to do, but how to do it. If at some point you’d like your guide to do some of it for you, we’ll be more than happy to oblige.

Why have a Local Corporate Guide?

If you wanted to go on vacation and go fishing, you could obviously get your supplies at a local store and go fish off the dock or even get elaborate and rent a boat or waste a whole bunch of time hoping and … fishing for a fish. OR you could pay a little for a local fishing guide and you’ll probably have a fishing experience you’ll always remember. It’s like you’re not fishing for a fish at that point, you’re fishing! Because fishing guides typically know how to always catch fish. When you use Northwest, you get a Corporate Guide to help you. You get a business registration expert whose entire job is just to help you, to make sure your experience is not annoying and maybe even awesome. We’re a bunch of weirdos based in the mountains. We’re always on the hunt for amazing experiences, so that naturally trickles down to wanting awesome experiences at work as well. We like to think of ourselves as your corporate guide, and as a guide we never want to lead you into danger or astray. If you’re going to trust us to help you, we want to guide your experience to be something special.


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Registered Agent

In every state, when you form a business entity like a Limited Liability Company (LLC) or a corporation, you will be required to appoint a registered agent for your business.

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LLC or Corporation

Our in-house certified paralegals will personally file your new LLC or corporation for you the same day you place an order.

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Another State

When we register your business in a new state, we’ll be your registered agent. Standing by, waiting for any question you have, will be one of our Corporate Guides™.

What to expect every year:

You get the continual support of our Local Corporate Guides™.

You get the most sophisticated document reminder system in the industry. Any documents and service of process received at our local registered offices are LOCALLY scanned and stored in your account so you, your attorney, or up to 5 separate contacts can log in and see them in real time. We can set up rules for types of documents and which contacts see them. No one else scans EVERYTHING to your account immediately. If you don’t log in and look at an item, we start notifying the contacts on your account that no one is looking at your notices.

You get the most sophisticated annual report or registration compliance system in the industry. We send you report reminders based off your registrations as the state sees them.

On one screen, you’ll see when your reports are due in every state, with how-to links to file them, and we send you reminders.

Same price. No nickel and dime fees.

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What to expect when you place an order:

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You get what you need from us immediately in your online account.

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The forms you could file with the state are pre-populated with our registered agent information.

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You’ll have more helpful information in your client account than you’ll find on a state website.

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If you’re an attorney, CPA, or filing service, you can easily manage one or thousands of your clients with our web tools, and make filings for you easier.

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Every client of NW Registered Agent receives the support of our Corporate Guides™.

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A secure online account that you can use to easily manage your business.

Get Answers with Our How To Guides

Is Northwest just a bunch of weirdos?

We are kind of weird in this industry. Our competitors SELL registered agent services as a BY-PRODUCT. Basically every other registered agent service is a corporate service company, online legal forms website, or online incorporation website that has a sister company as the registered agent. Corporate service companies file UCC statements and random filings. They do all kinds of corporate work for attorneys, and they might do 20 lien searches to every one registered agent order. What on earth is a lien search? We don’t care. As you can tell from our 2,000-page website, we do registered agent services. That’s basically it. Online incorporation services make their money by upselling and scientifically working on calls to action, costs per acquisition, lifetime values, and how to strategically up an average ticket sale or get you to opt into them selling your lead to make hundreds of dollars through affiliate relationships. We have no “partners” or affiliate relationships, and we have no idea what our costs per acquisition or lifetime values of clients are, because we suck at search engine marketing (SEM). So to our competitors, “Registered Agent Service” shows up as a line item each year, a line item right after selling UCC filings, court searches, amendment filings, random filings you might not need—right next to plain selling your lead to a merchant processing account, a payroll company, a credit card company, and anyone else who will pay them for your data. Most everyone else in our industry makes their money on the size of each order. Worse yet, many people find out about registered agent services after getting fooled by a teaser plan on a worthless legal-something-or-other-whatever-they-can-bill-you-more-for website.

We make our living with registered agent services. It’s what we live, breathe, and sleep. It’s what makes us weird and different. This is why our offices are better, and the software we provide is better. When we do filings, we do the filing better. The privacy we provide is better, the speed of our document delivery can’t be beat, our report reminders are better, our billing experience is better, and the overall experience we provide is better. All we care about is registered agent service. We relentlessly pursue a perfect experience for our clients with registered agent service. We work hard to NOT offer extra stuff to sell you, while our competition has meetings to figure out how to improve profit margins by cutting costs, adding extra fees, and how to get other services to pay them for your lead. We have never, in the history of Northwest Registered Agent had a meeting about sales, income, expenses, or anything to do with how to make more money.

We charge a fair price at $125 a year. It’s not the most expensive, and it’s not the cheapest. BUT it’s a true price. It’s a price you don’t have to worry about changing. It’s a price that allows us to make you a priority, not an object to try to get money from. It’s a price that you know is enough where we don’t have to sell your data to make ends meet. It’s a real un-subsidized price with no expectations. That’s the key that might be hard to grasp. We have no expectations for you. We have no lifetime value goals for you. We just want to solve your problems and have the most seamless transaction possible. Hopefully you’ll walk away saying that was pleasant. Our entire experience, even down to the build out and layout of our 3 million dollar office remodel, was with registered agent service in mind.

Dumb Luck?

How big we are now?? Absolutely that was dumb luck. It’s insane. We’ve never had trophy goals or targets for the size of our business, never had a meeting about how to grow or increase sales. We have no salespeople, no sales manager, no revenue officer, nor do we use a platform to follow up with a lead after we answer their initial request for information. Never in our wildest dreams would we have thought we’d be as large as we are today. The burden to support this many businesses is what provides meaningful fulfillment and satisfaction for the people who have been gracious enough to work here, not the meaningless totals or stats many people want to know about us.

We’ve relentlessly innovated over the last 20 years and continue to forge the path that others can only try to copy. When you hire Northwest as your registered agent, you get access to a Local Corporate Guide to help solve your problems. Our existence is to solve your corporate compliance problems with local skills combined with unsurpassed technology. We relentlessly pursue a goal to not be annoying to our clients from how we talk to you to how we code our software and phone systems. Everything is a pursuit of our trademark: We’re Just Not Annoying.

The client satisfaction we pursue wasn’t dumb luck. The growth was an unexpected byproduct.

Stuck in 3rd Place

The two registered agent services larger than us are huge. Even though they’re MASSIVE, their registered agent services are the tiniest little things their worldwide corporate conglomerates do. We should mathematically never surpass them. Really. We shouldn’t and hopefully won’t. They have hundreds upon hundreds of employees that just go out and beat each other up trying to take business from each other. We see no need to expend that type of energy just to chase down some revenue goals.

After Northwest, you have a few registered agent services that are arms of online incorporation services, and then way down in size you have a bunch of very small registered agent services that just want to be like the big 2. This is a group of 10 or so companies. And then you maybe have 1-200 websites that somehow sell registered agent services, but are really just marketing sites that remarket it typically for the online incorporation services.

We believe Northwest is the perfect size of registered agent service for you as a client. Here’s why:

If you go with the biggest registered agent that has over 27,000 employees, no matter how many people they hire, you can never be anything more than Client Number: One million and whatever.

If you go with a smaller registered agent service, you are super important to them, and that’s really cool, but any little change or disruption for their business will translate into a massive problem for you. Their rent goes up? Who do they have to get that difference from? You. As you know there’s a lot that goes on day after day to make a business run and there’s a lot of risk going with a smaller registered agent service. The smallest registered agent services cannot dedicate the resources that we do to website security, online compliance tools, quality of offices provided, and connections with each secretary of state or corporations division.

Here’s the biggest reason though: Crap happens. No one is perfect. The biggest, the smallest. At some point every registered agent service is going to screw something up. Hopefully it happens to the other client right? not you? When we’ve screwed up something for our clients, we’ve paid 50,000 plus for a client we got $125 from… to fix it. We did everything we could because it’s really embarrassing to see you screw up something that is basically the only thing you do. The smaller companies don’t have the money to make it right. And larger companies might???  but probably not, and if so, it would have to get approved by many many layers of corporate conglomerate bureaucracy and take a long time and fighting by you to make it right. For us, if we screw something up, it’s how fast can we fix it and make it right for the client. period.

TRUE National Registered Agent Services

When you sign up on this website, Northwest Registered Agent will actually be the name written down on your forms as your corporate registered agent. We operate in every state under our own legal name and office.

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