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How to Start a Business the Right Way

You have choices. You can start and maintain your business through a website. Or you can do what the pros do and use a registered agent service to start your business and maintain your privacy throughout the life of your business. At Northwest Registered Agent, you'll find an in-depth assortment of business services, free legal forms, and how-to guides, each one created with the single purpose of helping people start and operate businesses.


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What You Get When You Hire Northwest

Every service we offer comes equipped with:
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Corporate Guides

When we say you get a Corporate Guide, we're talking about a real life, knowledgeable business expert you can call. They'll guide you through whatever task you're trying to accomplish or understand. Our guides know the ins and outs of every US jurisdiction. Hire Northwest and get a guide who will show you the way.

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If you're forming your first LLC or corporation, privacy is probably the last thing on your mind. But once your company hits the state corporate records and you start getting calls from solicitors and nonstop junk mail, you'll wish you had a way to keep your address private. At Northwest, we automatically list our address on your formation documents and do everything we can to make sure your personal details stay with you.

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Data Security

We live in interesting times, and unless this is your first time on the Internet, you know that data security is hard to come by. At Northwest, you can be sure whatever data you provide us stays with us. We don't sell your company details to third-parties for extra cash, and we protect our clients' information at all costs.

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Real Talk

Our company was founded by a wayward ski bum who, many years ago, stumbled across our weird, niche industry. Helping everyday people navigate the complex, confusing and sometimes just straight-up baffling world of starting and maintaining a business became his passion. Our founder combined his love of the outdoors and desire to make running a business simple to create Northwest Registered Agent.

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Corporate Compliance
by Local Corporate Guides®

What a Registered Agent Is

At its core, a registered agent is an individual or company appointed by a business to accept service of process—lawsuits—on behalf of the business. Every state and US jurisdiction requires LLCs, corporations, nonprofits and registered partnerships to appoint a registered agent at the time of formation. The only requirements for a registered agent is that they have a physical address in the state where they have been appointed and where they can accept physical documents, and the ability to accept those documents during normal business hours.

What a Registered Agent Should Be

At Northwest Registered Agent, we’re committed to registered agent service. And to us, being committed means going far beyond the basic registered agent requirements. Whether you hire us for service in just one state or in all 50, you’ll be provided with:

  • Our custom-built, back-end software
  • Business maintenance tools
  • State compliance notifications
  • Access to every state form, with pre-filled auto settings for fast and simple filing
  • A secure online account where you’ll receive every document we accept on your company’s behalf minutes after we receive them

Plus, if you ever feel confused or lost, you can call and talk to one of our Corporate Guides who will lead you through whatever task you need to accomplish.

When we say we’re here to help make running and maintaining a business simple, we mean it.

Registered Agents at Every Turn

Back in the early days of the Internet, when Northwest Registered Agent began, the idea of an online registered agent service was novel. We’ve grown a lot since then. Our website that was once just 50 pages has transformed into more than 1700 pages of business maintenance guides, tools, services and legal forms. But at every turn we’ve been able to stay true to ourselves by keeping our focus on one thing: making the lives of our clients better.

Whether that’s meant writing a better explanation of how to register a company in a new state or creating a mail forwarding solution that works for all of our clients, with continuous effort, we evolve and work towards being the best registered agent we can be, every day. At Northwest Registered Agent, we will always be striving to be the most helpful, knowledgeable registered agent service we can be.

Let us help you make doing business easier.

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