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Northwest Phone Service

Protect your personal number with a take-anywhere virtual phone line.

With Northwest Phone Service, you can call, text and check voicemail anywhere you have high-speed internet, from any device. You not only keep your personal number out of the spotlight, but you get all the features of a real phone number, state-of-the-art extras and call forwarding to any number in the US—for just $9 a month. Curious? Try it free for 60 days.



What's Included With Our Virtual Phone Service?

A Local Phone Number

Choose from a variety of area codes to build a professional presence in your community.

Unlimited Calls & Texts

Make unlimited calls and send unlimited texts from any device (and say farewell to data-plan overage charges).

Flexible Call Forwarding

Answer calls with only your web browser, or set up call forwarding to any US number—it’s easy to change things up whenever you need to.

Instant Service

No wires to connect, no app to install (and eventually update). Our Phone Service is instantly compatible with any device with a web browser, and you can start making calls right away.

Voicemail Transcription

Scan your voicemail messages and quickly determine the most urgent call backs.

Room For Customization

Set up a custom, company-specific voicemail greeting, and add your business name to your outbound Caller ID. Make it yours.


What Is a Virtual Phone Number?

Well for starters, it’s a real phone number. Really! For all intents and purposes, your virtual phone number is simply a local business line—with the area code of your choice.

But here’s the key difference: instead of being tied to single physical location or cell phone, your virtual phone number utilizes your internet connection, along with voice over IP (VoIP) technology. Northwest Phone Service is a VoIP business phone service, which means you’ll be able to make calls directly from your desktop, laptop, phone, or tablet—and keep your personal phone number private (since it’s a completely independent second line).

What’s more, your virtual phone number can do everything an ordinary phone number does. You’ll be able to call, text, check your voicemail, manage your contacts, and more—all from within your client account.

And with a 60-day free trial (and a price tag of just $9 monthly after that), you can set up your business phone number without losing a wink of sleep.

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How Northwest's Phone Service Works

Setting up and using your new business phone number is simple and straightforward—and the entire process takes less than 5 minutes. Here’s how to sign up for Phone Service, customize your number and start using the features:

Sign Up For Northwest Phone Service

You can add a Phone Service subscription to any other Northwest offering—including registered agent service and business formation service—at checkout. You can also get Northwest Phone Service by signing up for our Virtual Office Service (it’s built right in!). Our feature-packed Virtual Office is available to clients located in Delaware, Florida, Idaho, Montana, Texas, Washington and Wyoming, with more states coming soon. Or, you can sign up for phone service completely on its own, by clicking the button below.

Set Up Your Virtual Phone Number

Upon signing up for Phone Service, you’ll receive instant access to your online client account. Here, you’ll see a pop-up window that prompts you to enter your state, choose your desired area code within that state, and select your new phone number (from several available options). Next, you’ll enter the personal number that you’d like incoming calls forwarded to, or choose to have calls routed directly to your web browser.

Once you’ve set up the basics, you can click on the Settings tab of your client dashboard and get busy customizing.

Start Using Your New Phone Line!

Go to Dial to make a call, hit Messages to send a text, or start adding people to your easy-to-edit Contacts board.

Have questions? Call our Corporate Guides! We’re more than happy to help you with questions about your brand new phone service.


Northwest Virtual Phone Service FAQs

Do I have to pay by the minute?

Nope! Because it’s entirely internet-powered, our Phone Service isn’t based on minutes or data usage. Your phone bill from us will always be the same—a flat fee of $9 a month. (And your first 60 days? Free of charge.)

Do I need to sign a contract to get Northwest Phone Service?

No again! Your monthly phone subscription is contract-free and you can cancel anytime without additional fees.

Is there a privacy risk in using my personal phone for my business?

Unfortunately, yes.

Publicizing your personal cell phone number on your website, Etsy or eBay account, or social media pages can increase your risk of identity theft and fraud in a world where cyber-threats are simply a fact of life.

Considering the amount of sensitive information we store in our personal phones, using a secondary phone number like Northwest Phone Service for your business is a sensible safety measure that you shouldn’t overlook.

How can a virtual phone number help my business?

Privacy protection aside, there are a lot of perks to using a virtual phone number for your business venture. Here are a few of them:

  • A virtual number can help you keep your business and personal affairs separate. When you see an incoming call on your business line, you’ll know it’s business-related, and when prospective clients and customers reach your voicemail, the message they hear will be a professional one.

  • The area code you choose can be another key benefit—particularly if you live and work outside the state, and want to establish a local, reliable presence on your website and Search Engine Results Pages. Learn more about foreign qualification and expanding to new locations.

  • Being able to make calls from anywhere, with any device, increases your mobility and (forgive the buzzword) business agility, while keeping you firmly connected to your customer base.

What if I already have Call Forwarding Service with Northwest?

Sit tight! We’ll soon be rolling out Northwest Phone Service to our existing Call Forwarding clients. Your monthly price will stay the same—and we’ll send you an email to let you know before we update your service.

Can I have more than one business phone number?

Absolutely! Our Phone Number Service was  designed to grow along with your business.

You can add a second (or third, or fourth) virtual phone line at any point, from within your client account. The price is just $9 per number, so you’ll be able scale up whenever your business requires it.

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