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Maintain a Business

Maintaining a business is more work than most people realize. Anytime your business makes a change, you have to update your local Secretary of State. That means tracking down the right paperwork, filling it out correctly, and figuring out how to file in your state. Sometimes, it means requesting specific documents from the state to attach to other documents. It can get confusing.

Here, you'll find guides on how to do it in every state, no matter how long you've been in business. 

Making Updates to Your Business

Anytime you make a change to your business, the state needs to know. Sometimes, you can update the state on changes to your business in your annual or biennial report. But oftentimes, you’ll need to file additional paperwork to let the state know what’s going on with your business. Below, you’ll find our guides for updating the state on changes to your business.

Learn how to make changes to your business formation documents in every state.

What to consider before you change your business name and how to get it done on the state and federal levels.

Closing up shop? Use our state-by-state guides to dissolve your business properly and avoid penalties.

Instructions for how to cancel your foreign business registration in any state.

State-by-state guides for bringing your business back into good standing after administrative dissolution.

Obtaining Business Documents

Sometimes, you’ll need to obtain official documents from the state. The process for requesting these documents varies from state to state. Below, you’ll find how-to guides with instructions for every state.

Need documents authenticated for use internationally? See our state-by-state guides.

Instructions for requesting a Certificate of Good Standing or Existence in your home state.

Instructions and prices for ordering certified copies of business documents in every state.

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