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Have Local Chambers of Commerce Lost Their Relevance?

The job of your local chamber of commerce is to promote the local business community. But with the rise of... View Article

Filing Taxes For Your Pass-Through Entity in 2021: Deductions and Credits

Tax time is approaching fast. Unless your business is structured as a C corporation, you’ll likely owe self-employment (SE) tax... View Article
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Skip State Filing Fees with our Monthly VIP Service!

Correctly filing the documents necessary to form a business can be difficult enough, let alone keeping that business compliant every... View Article

Cottage Food Laws: Turn Home Cooking Into a Home Based Business

Cottage food laws across the US are helping many turn their side dishes into side hustles. When Caroline, a New... View Article

Should You Close Your Small Business?

If you’re currently grappling with the prospect of closing your small business, you’re not alone. As the Covid-19 pandemic continues... View Article

We Finally Did It! We Made The Registered Agent Image!

At Northwest Registered Agent, we have a lot of inside jokes. One of our most beloved involves how we respond... View Article

Will There Be Starbucks on Mars?

Elon Musk, of Tesla and SpaceX fame, recently predicted that by 2030, two of his rocket ships will leave Earth,... View Article

Lessons In Reinventing Local Retail: How Independent Bookstores Turned the Tide

In the mid-90s, the American Booksellers Association (ABA) reported that over 4,000 independent bookstores were in operation. Then came Amazon.... View Article

How the California Privacy Law Can Help Your Business

We’re being watched. Sadly, in 2020, this feels like old news. The personal details of our lives, from where we... View Article

Why You May Want an LLC For Your Etsy Business

Building a successful Etsy business is an art in and of itself. Whether you retail vintage merchandise or create unique,... View Article