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Mail Forwarding Service

Do Business the Right Way

We charge $40 a month for our premium, unlimited US mail forwarding service, available in a growing list of states, including Delaware, Florida, Idaho, Washington, Montana, Texas and Wyoming. You can use the unique address and suite number provided by our mail forwarding service on your company letterhead, your website, and your bills. With our registered agent service, we also provide free limited mail forwarding in every state. And with all of our services, we give you Privacy by Default® and the support of our Corporate Guides®.

Mail Forwarding by State

Full Service

Choose from addresses in WY, DE, FL, MT, TX, WA, or ID for our full service mail forwarding.

  • Same-day digital scanning
  • Physical forwarding available
  • Unlimited forwarding with no postage fees
  • Unique suite number

Do Business
the Right Way

Top-of-the-line business services with the privacy protection & client support you deserve.

  • Business formation services
  • Registered agent services
  • Privacy by Default®
  • Corporate Guides®

Mail Forwarding Service

$40 Per Month
Rated 4.5 / 5 stars by 242 clients on Google

What Is Mail Forwarding?

Mail forwarding services accept your mail at a physical location and forward it to you. Unlike USPS mail forwarding, Northwest can provide your business with a permanent mail forwarding solution. Sign up for our premium mail forwarding package, and we will scan your regular mail on the day we receive it and store your mail in your secure online account, or you can choose weekly physical mail forwarding. Our premium mail forwarding package includes a unique suite number specific to your business, not a private mailbox number (or PMB), so your business will have a real US business address.

Need an office lease and second phone number as well? Upgrade to our US Virtual Office service for $49 a month. Or check out Live Privately with an LLC to learn how our mail forwarding service, combined with the LLC business structure, can help protect your privacy.

Sign Up for US Mail Forwarding

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Mail Forwarding Service by State

If California were a country, it would be the fifth largest economy in the world. The amount of business done in California each year alone is a great reason to have a business here.

Delaware offers the most prestigious place to base your company in the US. Many people around the world associate a Delaware company as a premium product. A Delaware company is very well recognized in many foreign countries.

Florida has a strong economy, business-friendly taxes, and less stringent disclosure rules than most states for your company’s members. It’s one of the best states in the US for incorporating or forming an LLC.

Idaho is a business-friendly state that doesn’t charge annual report fees, has the lowest per capita tax burden of any state in the US, and has few regulations to encumber your business’s growth and potential.

We base our Illinois office in Springfield to keep costs down. You’ll have a hard time finding more affordable services in Chicago or St Louis.

Montana has no sales tax and very low regulations. Montana is a great place to base your company if you buy a lot of assets.

Texas is favorable for small businesses, especially LLCs looking for tax savings. Texas is one of the few states with no personal income tax. And while there’s a gross receipts franchise tax, it only affects businesses with gross incomes well over $1 million. Most small businesses pay nothing when they file their reports.

Washington State is a great place to base your company if you are a tech based business doing business with some of the big massive tech companies in Seattle. It’s also a great place to base your business if you’re going to be working in multiple states or just want to look like a normal business not formed in a tax haven.

Wyoming offers the best place in America to incorporate or form an LLC. Great asset protection. Cheap maintenance fees. Low regulation. Wyoming is the premium place to base your business.

Free Mail Forwarding with Registered Agent Service

We also offer a FREE limited mail forwarding solution for our registered agent service clients in every state. With our registered agent service, we give you free use of our business address on your public documents to better protect your privacy. We’re happy to forward the occasional mail we receive for you at this address—for free.

  • Clients in most states get 5 mail documents forwarded for free each year.
  • Clients with registered agent service in DE, FL, ID, MT, TX, WA, or WY (where we also offer premium mail forwarding) get 10 free mail documents per year. We can offer more here because we have more robust mail processing capability in these states.

This free mail forwarding with registered agent service package is perfect for our clients who don’t need a unique address.

And if you reach your limit for the year? We’ll notify you if we receive additional mail, and you can request to have it forwarded at a rate of $15 per item. Expect a lot of mail? Or need a unique suite number you can use for your website and all your business needs? Our $40 a month premium, unlimited service is likely the better choice for you.

We are a business solutions company, and we are open to creating a plan that works for you. From renting our conference room to holding an annual board of directors meeting on-site, bringing in catering, creating a custom phone system, or co-locating your servers on-site—we’re here to help.


Do Business The Right Way