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Florida Mail Forwarding

Do Business the Right Way

For $40 a month, our premium Florida Mail Forwarding service provides you with a Florida address, a unique suite number, a secure online account, and a choice between two mail forwarding options: same-day digital scanning and weekly physical mail forwarding—whichever best suits your needs.

We also provide a free limited mail forwarding option for clients who sign up for our Florida registered agent service, and all of our services include Privacy by Default® and the ongoing assistance of our expert Corporate Guides®.

Mail Forwarding by State

Florida Address

Premium mail forwarding from a prestigious business address in Florida.

  • Same-day digital scanning
  • Physical mail forwarding
  • Unlimited forwarding with no postage fees
  • Unique suite number

Do Business
the Right Way

All our Florida business services come with privacy protection & lifetime client support.

  • Business formation services
  • Registered agent services
  • Privacy by Default®
  • Corporate Guides®

Florida Mail Forwarding

$40 Per Month
Rated 4.5 / 5 stars by 242 clients on Google

What Is Florida Mail Forwarding?

Florida mail forwarding is a service that allows our clients to have a reliable physical address and an office location in Florida to receive their mail. Unlike other mail forwarding services, this address isn’t just a private mailbox number (sometimes called a “PMB”). Our premium Florida mail forwarding service includes a unique suite number for your business, unlimited same-day digital scanning or weekly physical mail forwarding, and no postage fees. We also provide a free limited mail forwarding option for clients who sign up for our registered agent service, although this free option does not include a unique suite number.

When our office gets mail addressed to you, we open it, scan it, and save it as a PDF in your secure, client account. We own the entire building, so there’s no additional middleman handling your important documents. Your mail comes straight to us, and we ensure that you have access to that mail in real time.

Need an office lease and second phone number as well? Learn about upgrading to our Florida Virtual Office service for $49 a month. 

Get Your Florida Address Today

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How Florida Mail Forwarding Works

We provide two mail forwarding options for our Florida clients:

Option 1: Free Mail Forwarding with Florida Registered Agent Service

We include the option for free mail forwarding with our registered agent service for all Florida clients. A lot of clients who sign up for Florida registered agent service need to have at least some mail sent to that address but don’t really care if the address they use is unique. If this describes your needs, simply sign up for our Florida registered agent service, and select our free mail forwarding option on the sign up form. You’ll get up to 10 pieces of regular business mail forwarded free of charge (official state and legal mail is always free.) Additional mail can be forwarded at a rate of $15 per item.

The same goes for if you hire us to form your Florida LLC or sign up for our Florida incorporation service. Since registered agent service is included in that package, so is the option for free Florida mail forwarding with registered agent service.


Option 2: $40 Premium Florida Mail Forwarding Service

If your business needs a unique address, however, you should sign up for our premium Florida mail forwarding service. For $40 a month, we open, scan, and save all important mail to your online account, and you get a unique suite number to use as your own. No one else will receive mail at that suite number.

You can sign up for our Florida mail forwarding service as a standalone package (just click the blue button below), or you can add premium Florida mail forwarding to your order when you sign up for our Florida registered agent service or hire Northwest to form your Florida business.


You Should Use Our Florida Mail Forwarding Service If…

  • You need a prestigious, credible, and secure Florida address for travel or business purposes.
  • You want fast service.
  • You want the best software, with a highly trained technical support team, making sure your account is safe.
  • You value your privacy.
  • You value clear, consistent pricing.


Benefits of a Florida Mail Forwarding Service

Mail forwarding lets you rest assured that you’re getting the information you need to keep your business running smoothly in real time. Plus, can we just mention the junk mail? There was a time when we didn’t need to fiercely protect our personal data from companies snatching it up and putting it in a database to sell, but this is the new reality. When you hire Northwest, you can put our address on your publicly-available documents instead of yours. This gives you an extra level of security and peace of mind (and a lot less junk mail to deal with). At Northwest, we practice Privacy by Default® for every service and every clientit’s all part of how we do business the right way.

Interested in personally moving to Florida? Learn about becoming a Florida resident at Northwest’s guides on the following topics:

Mail Forwarding Service by State

Does Northwest Offer Mail Forwarding Services in Other States?

Absolutely! We operate mail forwarding centers in Delaware, Wyoming, Florida, Idaho, Texas, and Montana, and we offer our US Virtual Office service in each of these states as well.

Our $49 a month Virtual Office package includes mail forwarding and a unique suite number, just like the mail forwarding package described above, but adds on an office lease and unique in-state phone number that forwards calls to the number you choose.

Learn more at our general US Mail Forwarding and US Virtual Office pages, or select your preferred service and state from the list below:

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