Yes Greasy Mustache Hipster Barista Man – you make a good americano

I tried the new Vault coffee shop in CDA about 4:30 to wake up for a drive back to Spokane. I asked if the coffee was fresh, and a friendly little hipster mustache barista man truthfully informed me that it wasn’t. They close in a half hour, and they have not taken the Starbucks stance that there should always be a fresh cup of coffee if you actually have a coffee shop.  I was immediately drawn to this little hipster mustache man for his honesty and integrity to a fellow hot coffee enthusiast as myself. Thank you hipster man, for not serving me a warm cup of coffee. You know that’s crap, and thanks for not doing it. So he said, “I make a killer americano dude”. I looked at him in silence for a few seconds. This claim has been made to me many times before, but this little hipster has quite the greasy mustache. I find myself thinking that this hipster looks familiar, like he was one of the resident hipsters at the last coffee house to reside at 4th and Sherman. I remember there was an epic period of hipster barista men at Java, but I thought all the hardcore hipsters went to Coeur in Spokane, but maybe this little hipstery guy was one of those hipsters?

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Hipster Checklist

You might be a hipster if…

  • Your favorite movies all have subtitles.

  • Your band features a ukulele, accordion, and a banjo.

  • Two words: sweater vest.

  • Your children drink local hand-crafted artisan root beer.

  • You’ve converted your DVD collection to VHS.

  • You drink your cocktails from mason jars.

  • You stole your neon parachute pants out of your mom’s closet.

  • Your Warby Parkers glasses are non-prescription.

  • You believe the best American novels were written on a typewriter.

  • Fixed-gear bicycle.

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How did life become so electronically complicated?


I’m not sure when it happened, but keeping my life together electronically seems to have reached a new level of stupid. What do you think?

electronic gadgets to work and travel

why does it take all this to work mobile

Here’s a list of hardware just to attempt to travel and work:

-Iphone 6. I can’t even find a back button on this disaster of a device

-Samsung Galaxy 4. Liked it till it forced an update and all my features are gone. VPN? gone, RDP? gone, talk to text? gone, battery? gone, I swear even the camera doesn’t take as good of pictures anymore, what on earth happened. no one knows. I’m hopeful the galaxy 5 mini comes to the US and is awesome.

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Thank You Google for Destroying My Business

Monday, December 17th 2012 was a crappy day for us, but I didn’t know it. Two days later, I realized our signups were down, traffic was down, our page rank tanked, we had basically vanished off the face of Google. On Thursday morning, I met with my web team and told them something was seriously off. We talked about it and reached the consensus that it was close to Christmas and that probably had something to do with it. But the suddenness of our drop kept nagging at me, enough so that on Saturday I did something I’d never done before or since: I emailed my lead marketing person on his personal email (I don’t allow employees to work on the weekends—personal time is important). Although I don’t remember what the email said, my level of concern was obvious to him since I was sending him emails steeped in fear and paranoia over the weekend. We tried to work on some things over the weekend, but we were off Monday and Tuesday (Christmas Eve and Christmas Day), and although he came in Wednesday ready to do everything he could, it was already too late. By Thursday morning our Google rankings had returned, as did all our signups and web traffic.

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I unplugged my BlackBerry tonight – So Sad


I unplugged my BlackBerry tonight – So Sad

Man… This week I woke up to my Blackberry finally saying “SIM not provisioned” and it was done… This new awkward device some call a cellular phone, I call an annoying computer that dials out with 290 apps that I don’t want on it ringing in weird ways that I can barely even figure out how to answer a phone call with had finally received my ported number and was working. Why do I have a visual voicemail app when I could just hit “1” and get to my voicemail now? Oh yes… It’s an end of an era for me. BlackBerry; why did you do this to me?

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Best thing about Winter in Spokane

I don’t think the City of Spokane actually has a snow removal plan, and I was realizing a silver lining benefit to our lack of snowplowing in Spokane.

The snow actually kind of fills in the potholes… See we have been all getting mad at the City of Spokane for letting our streets go to third world country status, but maybe it’s all in the city’s plan.

Don’t waste money fixing roads and potholes.

Don’t waste money plowing snow, let it fill in the potholes and cracks in the road!

Brilliant!!  The city saving our tax dollars.

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Our opposition to .CORP, .INC, .LLC, .LLP, and .LTD new Tld domain extensions

 As a company that only deals with the maintenance and upkeep of LLCs, corporations, and other corporate entities such as a LLP or nonprofit, we feel the new domain name extensions of .corp, .inc, .llc, .llp, and .ltd will be a nightmare for the general public.

 There are 53 jurisdictions in the US alone where one can incorporate a business such as AAA Plumbing Inc., Acme Construction Inc, or any corporate name.

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