Northwest Registered Agent offers resident agent/registered agent services in Maryland for:

Maryland domestic corporations, Maryland LLCs, and out-of-state (foreign) corporations and LLCs registered to do business in Maryland. All entities registering to do business in Maryland must appoint a Maryland resident agent (this is the same thing as a Maryland registered agent).

What is a resident agent?

If you’re forming a corporation or limited liability company (LLC) in Maryland, you’ve probably seen the term “resident agent” listed on your Maryland formation documents. Pursuant to state code (§ 2-108), all corporations and LLCs authorized to do business in Maryland are required to designate a resident agent. The resident agent serves as your business’ point of contact in the state to accept all legal notices on behalf of your business.

To learn more about resident agents, read our What is a Registered Agent? page.

What are a Maryland resident agent’s responsibilities?

As your business’ official point of contact with the state of Maryland, your registered agent will accept subpoenas, lawsuits, or other legal documents hand-delivered by a process server or county sheriff. Also, your Maryland resident agent will be responsible for official mail from the Maryland State Department of Assessment and Taxation (SDAT) like annual report forms and other important documents.

In order to receive any official mail or legal documents, your Maryland registered agent must be available during normal business hours. Due to the importance of the documents for which your Maryland registered agent is responsible, they should also be extremely organized and have a system in place to securely manage any legal documents they receive on behalf of your business.

Bottom line: You should trust your registered agent.

What happens if my registered agent doesn’t fulfill their responsibilities?

Your business could suffer greatly if your registered agent loses important legal documents. A lost legal document could result in legal actions being taken against your business with you knowing about it. In this scenario, a judge may rule a default judgment against your business. If annual reports aren’t filed, the state could dissolve your business, and again, you might not know about it until it’s too late. But if you hire our registered agent service, you can rest assured that you’ll be notified immediately if your company is served with a lawsuit or needs to file a report with the state of Maryland. (For a quick visual of our real-time service, see our Registered Agent Infographic.)

Who can be a registered agent in Maryland?

Any of the following can be a resident agent in Maryland: a citizen of Maryland who resides in Maryland, or a Maryland corporation. However, the resident agent’s address must be a physical address; resident agents cannot have a post office box.

Can my Maryland corporation be its own resident agent?

Yes, but the address must not be a post office box. Maryland registered agents must have a physical address located within the state. This address is officially referred to on the SDAT formation documents as the resident office address.

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Registered Agent Maryland Service Includes:

  • If you are going to make a filing with the Maryland SDAT, it will take 7-8 weeks for normal processing time. You can expedite the process by paying $50 and they will file it within 7 days. You can mail your filings in or you can fax file your filing. If you fax file, you have to pay the $50 expedite fee. Filings do not need an original inked signature.
  • Make sure to send in your filing in duplicate, even if you fax file.
  • You will receive a confirmation letter to the address you list as your mailing address. You can pay an extra $5 to have the original filing returned to you with the confirmation letter. It is quicker to just look your business name up on their online database system. When paying the $5, that still won’t get the actual filing back to you soon. They will not process that quickly.
  • Annual reports get mailed to your principal address in January or February of every year, and are due on April 15th. All annual reports cost $300. The Maryland annual reports are more like a personal property tax return. They are by far the worst report that any state has. Basically, they just want your money and most people fall in the minimum payment category.
  • Certificates of good standing cost $20 and can be ordered online.
  • To change your Maryland resident agent, it costs $25. You file a change of Maryland resident agent form, which is pre-signed and in your online account immediately after you sign up for service with us.

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