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The JJ Luna Wyoming LLC Package

Start Your LLC in Wyoming Today for $199 Total!

The JJ Luna Wyoming LLC

For $199 total, our JJ Luna Wyoming LLC package includes:

An LLC in Wyoming

Formed by professionals, fast and hassle-free.

Optional Mail Forwarding Upgrade

Option to add a minimalist mail forwarding package for $149/year.

Address security

We list our address on the public documents so that the ownership information and your address stay private.

Operating agreement and membership certificates

These are private documents not filed with any state that outline who owns the LLC’s assets

365 days of free registered agent service

If someone needs to contact your LLC with a lawsuit or official mail, it’s sent to us. Upon receipt, we upload, forward those documents to your online account and send you a notification. At the end of one year, our service renews for $125. A registered agent is required by law and can serve as a key ingredient in maintaining long-term personal privacy.

Online account

We provide every client with a secure, online account where we upload your company documents, provide business maintenance tools, pre-filled state forms, and additional services to make running an LLC simple.

Friendly, accessible client support for life

No digital call tree, or automated operators. Just real humans who know what they’re talking about. Call us anytime.

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LLC Privacy Solution

  • Use Our Address On All LLC Documents
  • Protect Your Personal Privacy
  • Protect Your Assets
  • Stay Invisible
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Instant Service

  • Hassle-Free LLC Formation Service
  • We'll Form Your Invisible LLC Fast
  • LLC Operating Agreement Included
  • Lifetime Support from Local Experts

Wyoming LLC Optional Mail Forwarding

For our JJ Luna clients, we know privacy is a concern. That’s why we worked the man himself, Mr. JJ Luna, to create a Wyoming address and mail forwarding solution.

For an additional $149 a year you can get a unique suite address to be used as your LLC’s mailing address and a simple mail forwarding package that includes:

  • 20 letters scanned and emailed to you each year.

Additional scans are $5 each. For an extra $15 + shipping costs we will physically forward the mail at your request.

To add our JJ Luna address solution, click get started and choose either the standalone mail forwarding package, or add it on to a new Wyoming LLC.

Ongoing Fees and Maintenance

Maintaining a Wyoming LLC is mostly a simple affair, but there are a couple things you need to know to keep your LLC active and in good standing with the state.

Annual Reports

Wyoming requires all LLCs to file an annual report each year by the first day of the LLC’s anniversary month. So, if you formed your LLC on April 20th, your annual report will be due, each year, by April 1st. The report is straight forward but it is a public document. You simply have to list:

  • Mailing and principal addresses
  • Current registered agent
  • Someone has to sign and date the document (not required to be an owner)

The annual report can be filed online. Most people are required to pay a $50 filing fee (plus $2 if you file online). If the LLC owns more than $250,000 of assets in Wyoming, you multiply your assets by $0.0002 to calculate your total fee. As your registered agent, we will send you annual report reminders, but we do not file the report for you. You can, however, hire us to do so for $100 plus state fees. If privacy and simplicity are your top concerns, we recommend this add-on.

Registered Agent Service

All LLCs in Wyoming are required to have a registered agent, which is a business or individual who lives in or has a physical address in Wyoming and can accept documents on behalf of your LLC. If you hire us to form your Wyoming LLC, we include a year of registered agent service with the JJ Luna package. This allows us to list our address for the company on the public formation documents.Our service carries a $125 annual fee (first year free with the JJ Luna package), for which we will send you an invoice each year. You can cancel at anytime in your online account (no need to talk to anyone or send an email, just simply cancel), however, if you change registered agents, you may sacrifice your personal privacy and address security on the change form required by the state. That’s why we think of this as the beginning of a relationship.

Total Ongoing Annual Fees: $177 ($52 to the state of Wyoming, $125 to Northwest Registered Agent for registered agent service). Add on an additional $100 if you want us to file your annual report for you.

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What Our Clients Say

My wife and I used NWRA to form our LLC and as our registered agent in multiple states. Our company produces organic coffee and we have locations in three different states. NW has been great.

Alec Sheldon

I used Northwest to set up my Wyoming LLC and to provide registered agent services to keep my new entity in good standing on an annual basis. I recommend them without reservation.

A Google User

More About Our JJ Luna LLC Package

When you hire a company to form your LLC and secure your personal privacy, it’s the beginning of a relationship. You are also hiring us as your registered agent—that’s what enables us to list our address on your formation documents.

As your registered agent, we become the official point of contact for the LLC. Should your LLC be sued or sent an important tax document, the lawsuit or notice is delivered to us. We then forward that document to your secure online account and send you an email notification, alerting you that you have a document that needs to be viewed. Additionally, we send you maintenance reminders for things like annual reports and provide an array of online business tools.

Our registered agent service renews annually for $125. You will be sent multiple notifications when the renewal date approaches and then an invoice once the date arrives. We do NOT store your credit card information. You can cancel your registered agent service online without having to talk to anyone at anytime, but in doing so, you may sacrifice your privacy, as changing registered agents involves filing a public document that may expose your personal identity and publicly link you to the LLC. That’s why we say this is the beginning of a relationship.

With Northwest as your registered agent, you gain more than just an address. You gain ensured stability.  There are cheaper registered agents online, but if you choose them, you’re betting your privacy on whether they’ll stay in business. We’ve seen a lot of registered agents come and go over the years.

Experience The Northwest Difference Today!

At Northwest Registered Agent, we do things a little differently.

Unlike other incorporation services that sell your personal data to make up for cheap introductory prices, we don’t sell client information to third-parties. Any personal information you provide us stays with us.

Our company motto is, “We’re just not annoying™” and we’ve gone to great lengths to ensure that our services satisfy and protect our clients.

Plus, any time you need help or have a question, our Corporate Guides™ provide a personalized service that will give you the assurance that your business entity and personal needs are being watched over. You will deal directly with the same person every time you call in. No big phone systems with extensions, and you won’t be assigned a different representative or clerk in different parts of the country. We provide high-end LLC service with a personalized touch.

Fast Service
Local Document Scans in Real-Time
Use Our Address - Not Yours

Get the JJ Luna LLC Package for $199 Total!

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